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Good News! Mono and Knee Injuries!
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Good News! Mono and 2 Knee Injuries!

I received a scholarship to play football at Illinois State University and 2 months later contacted mononucleosis for 6 months. Good-bye scholarship. Fast forward to 1999, Charlie was a highly recruited middle linebacker in high school but a helmet to his knee destroyed his ACL, MCL and MedialMeniscus and that was it for college football for Charles. Adam got his knee injury his Freshman year in high school damaged his growth plate and decided to play a safe sport hockey (goalie). (For those of you that think "football" is played with a round ball not a pointy one, hang in there this story is not really about "American" football.)
At the time this all seem like a tragedy and dreams that would never be realized:
Bad news .  Well let the clock run for 10-40 years and things look differently.
Susan and I went and saw the movie Concussion a few weeks ago.. It is the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu discovering the condition call Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE .   This condition of permanent brain damage is result of multiple of concussions and blows to the head over years. The estimate is that a professional football player will have 75,000 blows to the head in a career (including high School and College).
CTE eventuates in chronic, severe depression, memory loss, ALS, early onset dementia, suicide, impulsive and violent behavior. Horrible debilitating conditions that the National Football League alledgedly knew about and buried the information to avoid the huge financial responsibility of medical compensation for retired players .   The real story here is how do you get a incredibly powerful money machine to tell the truth and take responsibility for their actions. Those of you out side the US may want to now think of the battle to oust Seth Blatter from FIFA.
Speaking Truth to Power
For those of you in big companies you may want to think of all the times you have had to deliver financial bad news. Think recall of a product recall or a safety shutdown of a line or a plant.
Speaking the truth for Dr. Omalu got him death threats, and massive effort to discredit him as a quack. We have had organizations and individuals try to break up our marriage or ruin us financially because our truth may have had them look bad or threatened their power. In the movie The Big Short one of the individuals speaking truth was attacked for years by the IRS. If you are not prepared to fend off the attacks if your marriage isn't strong enough you may not be ready for speaking truth to power.
If this is what you are up for or have lived by your whole life you may want to see both movies for solace. At least you won't feel as alone. For me I say "good on ya" as the Aussies would say. Go for it! Just don't be so naive as to believe ethics are free or poking the bear won't get you bit. From my vantage point, it looks like living by ethical standards always has blow back, so don't so surprised when it happens. Feel free to be angry and outraged, however.
Parents are now not letting their kids play American Football in record numbers due to the dangers exposed by Dr. Omalu. I don't want my grandchildren to play and I now happy for my mono and Charlie and Adam's knee injury.  Turns out the Bad news from high school kept us safe from a condition that took two people I know personally and countless men I have watched this game. Dr. Omalu speaking truth to power has saved lives.
However, now my moral dilemma is I do love this crazy violent game. I will be rooting for my Denver Broncos on Sunday, know these men are putting their long term health in jeopardy.
One more moral conundrum yet to be unraveled.
As usual we invite your comments.

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