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Investing in Knowledge
Is it 2022 already? We can't believe it! We have sent off our last grants of 2021 and we’re already planning the year ahead. Here’s to hoping the challenges are fewer and the opportunities are endless.
We’d like to start the year with a story about BCF’s unique Capacity Building Grants Cycle. Local nonprofits apply to this grants cycle because they want to grow their expertise in a particular area, such as developing a 5-year strategic plan or increasing volunteer effectiveness. One nonprofit applied for funding to train staff and volunteers in 2022 so they know how to de-escalate an active shooter given their front-line work. We aim to help organizations improve their internal operations and be a resource for them to invest in their growth.
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) applied for funding because they wanted to expand their work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to the broader community. According to Sheila Hughes, Executive Director of BIMA, “While this work has infused the growth of the museum since its beginning, BIMA has deliberately focused on discussing DEI with our team these past two years. Now we are ready to share what we have learned.” BIMA has conducted monthly workshops for their staff and volunteers, and are now looking to engage in DEI learning more broadly.

BCF’s Capacity Building Grants Cycle awarded an average of $1,500 per grant. Nineteen organizations applied in 2021, and BCF awarded a record-setting 16 grants after a thorough vetting process by BCF’s Grants Committee. BCF distributed $23,250 this year, which is the most dollars awarded since the program started nine years ago. Nonprofits that did not receive grants this year will be given feedback so they have a better chance to participate next year.
As Shelia shared, “Drawing on our strong start, we hope to broaden our reach while supporting a variety of viewpoints and experiences. We are prepared to be an integral part of this process. We thank BCF for this grant so we are able to deepen our commitment to our staff, volunteers, and Board.” BCF is proud to invest in the long-term growth and sustainability of local nonprofits and our community.

In 2021 alone, 586 grants of all types totaling more than $2.2 million were awarded to nonprofits supporting our community. BCF's cumulative grantmaking is now $19 million since inception.

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