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The Art of "Mirroring" to Enhance Relationships & Revenue
You've likely been a part of a practice management and/or marketing presentation discussing how to build a rapport with your patient base.

The first time I had given any attention to rapport was in graduate school and understanding the communication theory presented by Dr. Debra Tannen, a professor at Georgetown University and focuses on a term called: genderlects.

Ultimately Dr. Tannen describes how males tend to communicate with report talk (transactional and without the need to share anything other than information for the sake of gathering and giving information) and females communicate with rapport talk (sharing information with the additional verbal and non-verbal messaging expressing emotion and/or social/interpersonal connection). I'm not intending this article to be polarizing in any way, but I do think it's worth paying attention to given the majority of the podiatric profession is male.

This also does not mean that all males speak in report talk and all females speak in rapport talk; nor does it mean that either is incapable of utilizing one or the other.

One of the reasons I am sharing my thoughts on this is because I have found the "build a rapport" statement to be thrown around a little too loosely; because it isn't just about spending time with your patients; it truly is about having self awareness to recognize the way you communicate - which is not just about the words you are saying, but how you are saying them, as well as the way you are listening.

As a physician, you are surrounded by patients every day and it wouldn't be surprising, nor at any fault of your own, if you were to develop some desensitization toward the vulnerability of patients. Every patient that steps into your office is in a vulnerable environment. They are being examined, questioned, and touched. In what world has anyone said, "you know what my favorite situation is? One that I feel extremely exposed and uncomfortable."

When physicians engage in report communication, the connection and the and the patient satisfaction may not be as elevated if rapport talk was employed instead, because these feelings of vulnerability and interpersonal discomfort would be lessened.
Hint: It rhymes with "whales.

Strangely, this topic came to mind as I was watching a documentary a couple of weeks ago called, "The Vow." If you haven't seen it - whoa! It's not something I'm going to get into here, but in a nutshell it's another guy who creates a business but it's really just a dangerous, manipulative cult.

Speaking of cult, another "icky" word needs to be addressed: sales; because the point of this article is to shed some light on how we can use rapport talk and mirroring to increase both the comfort of your patients, but to also increase the dollars coming into your practice.

For some reason, the concept of persuasion has a stigma attached to it as if it is always unethical or a sinister reason to use persuasion; as if you are using manipulation to get them to do something they don't want to do.

That's not the case here. There are elements of persuasion that need to be employed with patients, especially when it comes to ensuring they are compliant or if the product/service you are offering is a cash service. Obviously, this is not to encourage manipulating patients into purchasing or opting into products and services that they don't really need. There is a big difference!
I'm going to circle back to the point of inspiration for this article - the documentary. In fact, I have provided the clip where Nancy (the business partner of business/cult leader, Keith Raniere) articulates this concept and breaks down why mirroring works.
Clip from HBO Documentary "The Vow"
Season 2, Episode 2
While the use of mirroring in this circumstance is highly unethical, it can be used with your practice as a highly effective non-verbal strategy to increase sales and buy-in to cash services.

The first step is knowing how you communicate. Ironically right before I saw this episode of The Vow, a client of mine asked me if I was an extrovert or an introvert. I told him, I actually think I'm an introvert, but nobody would know that because I'm naturally very good at mirroring others. So when I'm in a social situation, my mirroring skills kick in and it appears that I am an extrovert.

If you can become self aware of your communication style and reflect on your patient interactions, you can start to consciously mirror; if you make a habit of mirroring, it will become like muscle memory and you will employ it subconsciously.

So if a patient leans in, you lean in; or if somebody is a little standoffish, give them some space. You are creating an environment where your patients they feel safe, where they feel seen, and they don't even realize you're establishing a subconscious connection.

Bottom line - when your patients feel connected, they feel trust; and ultimately patients who trust you are more inclined to adhere to the protocols you prescribe.

Thoughts? Questions? Email Me!
Sarah Breymeier: [email protected]
Class IV Lasers and Your Practice...
It's Just Good Business.

Research has shown that the photochemical reactions in lasers create desired results for inflammatory conditions including plantar fasciitis, PTTD, Achilles tendonitis, Baxter's nerve entrapment, trauma and more; however, I continue to field questions relevant to the financial aspect of having a Class IV Laser in practice.

Consider these four trends impacting practices today:

  • Reduced reimbursements have created a necessity for direct care and cash services

  • The opioid crisis has created a demand for drug-free pain treatments

  • Many members of the aging population cannot tolerate the risks of surgery, increasing the need for conservative care

  • Younger patient populations are researching their own options for pain management vs. relying on physician referrals and are willing to pay out of pocket

Class IV laser therapy hits the mark for all four of these considerations impacting practices today; however, The Remy Class IV Laser is making the choice simpler for DPMs given the vast amount of conditions it treats, combined with a pricing structure that expedites the ROI timetable faster than ever before.

The characteristics of The Remy Class IV Laser that set it apart and make it ideal for the podiatry space include:

Pricing & Warranty
Training & Support
With one laser you can perform treatments for:
  • Pain/Inflammation
  • Onychomycosis
  • Warts / Mosaic Warts
  • IPKs
  • Coagulation & Ablation
  • Ingrown Toenails

Some lasers have a couple of these functions, but The Remy can perform ALL of these functions.
The Remy can perform all of these functions and weighs only 4 lbs!   

Other lasers with a 30watt power level are much heavier and are difficult to move from room to room; let alone from location to location. 

Some practices with multiple locations would only purchase one laser and they had no trouble transporting it because it’s so small. However, because of the incredible pricing and financing options, many of those practices wound up purchasing multiple units after they had such a positive Remy experience.
Zuckerman Future Technologies has been able to keep the Remy under 17K; that price is basically unheard of for a laser of this caliber.

Additionally, the financing options are extremely flexible! You could get the Remy and pay NOTHING for six months, then just $99 for another six months. There are several options that should fit your budget.

You also have a 5-year warranty (many companies only have up to 3 years) to give you stronger peace of mind.
The Remy foot/ankle protocols were built by a DPM for DPMs. You will receive personal training from David Zuckerman, DPM.

Many companies have sales reps that come and go, but I (Dr. Zuckerman) am here. Unless I’m asleep or on another call, I will always answer your calls or texts and I will respond to your emails within minutes or just a few hours. 

I NEVER want you to go days without using your technology should something happen (i.e. a handpiece falls on the ground and cracks). I will get you replacement equipment within days, not weeks.  
The Remy partners with Sarah Breymeier of Ten Toes Marketing Communications and she will customize a turnkey marketing kit for your Remy Laser at no charge.

The kit includes:
  • Practice Posters
  • Brochures
  • Counter Top Displays
  • Facebook Ads or Posts
  • Post Cards and Hand Outs
  • Educational Patient Videos
  • Website Verbiage
  • Additional materials upon request
Call or Text: 856.229.2939
Prescription Enhancements for the Richie Brace®
Unlike most AFOs, the Richie Brace® contains a true functional orthotic footplate. Hence, common podiatric prescription enhancements for foot orthoses can be incorporated into all Richie Brace® models. These enhancements include:

Medial Heel Skive
Applies a varus wedge to the heel cup for pronation control
Lateral Heel Skive
Applies a valgus wedge to the heel cup for supination control
Plantar Fascia Groove
Accommodates for prominent plantar fascia or fibroma
Footplate Accommodation
Pocket for prominent navicular or styloid 5th metatarsal
Forefoot Accommodation
Pocket extension for prominent metatarsal or callous
Sulcus Wedging
Varus or valgus posting in the forefoot extension
Medial or Lateral Flange
Footplate extension to promote control of forefoot adduction/abduction

Authorized Richie Brace® distributors can assist you with all your brace prescription questions.
What's the Mindset Minute?
Each month, we are going to provide a one-question (maybe two-question) survey so we can gain a stronger understanding of the content you'd like to see - whether it be from us, from meetings, or from vendors.

For every survey you complete, you will earn a DPM download with useful information for your practice AND you will earn points to win our quarterly giveaway!

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Reusable Smart Notebook

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January "Mindset Minute" Survey
What is the number one product or service you are currently dissatisfied with in your practice and why?
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The Use of Therapeutic Lasers for Heel Pain
Presented by Adriana Strimbu, DPM

March 25, 2024 | 8pm ET
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This Practice Partner Academy Presentation is sponsored by
The Remy Class IV Laser
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