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Skyland Community Church
Monthly Newsletter
10:30 Sunday Service
January 2014
Minister: Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Altar Flowers


The 2014 calendar is posted in Whitaker Hall. Please sign up for the Sundays of your choice and include the person(s) you wish to honor with the flowers.
--John Heyes
Warm spots of deep pink
Bring a flush to winter's cheek
December roses.
       -- Anonymous  





Women's Group Reminder


Reminder: Women's Group Tuesday January 14th at Del Mahrle at 10:30


Art and Music committee presents art from Del Mahrle and Diane Cooke for the Months of January and February.   Please let Nancy Jo know if you would like to have your art hung next year.
                              -- Nancy Jo Lopp 



Minister's Column
Christmas Thanks and
January Highlights
Dear Friends,

As we move together into the new year I want to thank you for your Christmas gift to me of a gift certificate from Home Depot. I am trying to think of a tool that I need and that would also have sermon potential. I already have a hammer! You'll be among the first to know when I figure it out!


This month we have the exciting and long-anticipated ordination service for Patricia Wood scheduled for Saturday, the 25th at 2:00PM. We hope you will be there to celebrate with Skylanders, UCC neighbors, family and friends.


This month's sermons will bring together our scriptures with ideas from a book by local authors, Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack, called The New Universe and the Human Future. It is packed with science wows and a strong call to ecological commitment. I hope you will find my sermon series informative and inspiring! Blessings to all as we begin 2014 together. May it be a year of peace and joy for all!
                                                                             -- Stephen




Financial Report for December 2013


NOTE from your treasurer:


Thanks for your generous gifts of:

$      975 to the Giving Tree to support local families,

$  1,705 to Blanket offering,

$  1,133 to Pastor Discretionary Fund for local relief, and

$10,075 of special End of Year gifts to Skyland Church.

I have adjusted our Planned Income to reflect your special End of Year Gifts and Harvest Festival actuals. This will make it easier to visualize an almost balanced 2013-2014 fiscal year financial plan. Note that the original plan anticipated some special year end gifts.

I will post details of our finances in Whitaker Hall this Sunday.



 Dec. 2013      |Jun 1,2013 to Dec 30,2013
           Actual     Planned |    Actual    Planned  


Income    $ 28,290   $ 29,920 |   $124,829    $123,349

Expenses  $ 24,340   $ 24,348 |   $105,752    $106,050

Net       $  3,950   $  5,572 |   $ 19,077    $ 17,299


 -- Gerald J. Alonzo


Make Your 2014 a Year Filled with Happiness and Success .....

  1. Let Go of the Past, Old ways of thinking
  2. Be Mindful, Practice and cultivate positive thinking
  3. Refresh Your Network, Surround yourself with positive people
  4. Communicate and Connect with family and friends
  5. Take A Time Out, Do something nice for yourself each day
  6. Volunteer, Do something nice for your neighborhood and community
  7. Enjoy A Simple Moment of Solitude Treat yourself to a cup of lavender tea
  8. Express Gratitude each day
  9. Take One Step Each Day towards cultivating happiness and success in your life
  10. Take A Fresh Look at Your Home and Work Environments, Declutter, Organize, keep what's essential to you and let go of the rest


Ellie Lavender





This is the day (year) that the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it. Ps. 118:24 








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