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Happy New Year beloved THOTH community!

May your hopes and dreams manifest themselves in their full beauty in this good year. 

This month we are celebrating the power of connection. WEDNESDAY NIGHT LINK UP is a Basic PMT Practice which allows us to join our mesas worldwide into a single concentrated intention of global power for the healing of Pachamama as well as the collective psyche. Link Up can be practiced individually, as we sit at our own Pachakuti Mesas, or collectively, enhancing the intentions of individuals within the group. As a weekly practice, Link Up provides the time to deepen one’s experience and relationship with the Mesa. Whether performed in circle or alone, Link Up offers a rich ‘meeting’ with this tradition, a way of converging self and lineage. The power that is being harnessed and transmitted is deep and sentient nourishment for the Earth.

Whether you already host or attend a Wednesday Night Link Up or you are new to the practice, we invite you to explore a document entitled Global Wednesday Night Link Up Ritual found on our website Ritual Art s Basic Practices page. In addition, you may enjoy this insightful article by Writer’s Forum contributor Rev. Stephanie Red Feather, PhD: Open Your Mesa, Open to Love . Let’s connect. See you Wednesday!

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition gatherings: PMT community gatherings are being offered in California | Florida | Kansas | Mis sou ri | and Washington. Please follow the links for event information and MULTIPLE gatherings and locations within each region, AND check back on the cale nd ar as events may be added during the month!

Wednesday Night Link-Up gatherings this month are being offered in Florida | Kansas | Missouri | New Mexico | Utah | Virginia and also online. Check the calendar as more may be added.

Sacred Retreats include Sacred Valley Pilgrimage: Receive the Hummingbird’s Blessing, Peru with Darcy Kopas & Robin Flynn | and Los Apus: A Sacred Pilgrimage with the Apukuna, led by Mona Rain in Peru

Wishing you a connected 2019,
Cindy, Xio mara, Marin and Michele

Joshua Tree Retreat Altar photo by Yola Dunne
‟Every blade of grass, every stone, every whispering wind that caresses your cheek, is a relative speaking to you.”
 ~ don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Five-part Apprenticeship Series Starting Soon

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition:  Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal


Jnana Gowan

Mona Rain

Gabriella Galvan

Judy Hoaglund

Cynthia Greer

Yola Dunne

Yola Dunne

If you don’t see an apprenticeship in your region, you can sponsor one! To learn more contact PMT@heartofthehealer.org

 Photos (top) Renee Davenport, (middle) Cindy Miro-Quesada, and (bottom) Jennifer Sadhana
Praises for the Five-part Apprenticeship

Receiving the material in person is so exciting and resonates at a deep and profound level when together in circle with other community members. Witnessing and performing consecration of the mesa and artes, limpias and kawsay delivery was very rewarding and anchored the knowledge in me. If you want to take it to the next level, I recommend an in-person apprenticeship to anyone who has taken an on-line course. ~Kimberly June  

I am transformed completely after finishing the Five-part Apprenticeship in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition. Connecting to the deep history of this lineage has healed the parts of me that were disconnected, distracted, lonely or broken. This apprenticeship has given me words for truths that I have always instinctively KNOWN and given me a community of family who understand the world in the same way. It has given me practical tools to ground, release and seek guidance and connection. My path of service is clear now, I feel empowered to follow it with joy, wisdom and support. ~Alaina Hernandez

I experienced profound shifts after participating in the PMT apprenticeship. The PMT is the only tradition that consistently manifests transformations in my life. The fullness and magic I feel in these circles is unparalleled and real. ~Stefi P.

 Photo below by Lisa Stearns
Programs with don Oscar Miro-Quesada
THE PATH OF THE UNIVERSAL SHAMAN: Transform Your World Through Shamanic Ritual, Heart Wisdom & Sacred Living Dedicated to the ONENESS of humanity and a practice of true reverence for Mother Earth, this 7-module training introduces a path for healing ancient rifts and restoring personal and collective wholeness in our modern world. Perhaps you felt shamanic healing wisdom was reserved for those who were ‘born into it’. However, these ancient skills are available to all! Here is the essential introductory course for anyone interested in exploring The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, taught by it’s originator, and available on demand.
REVERENCE, RITUAL & RENEWAL: Being a Shamanic Evolutionary Healing Force for Our World Does your heart break for Mother Earth? Do you wonder how you can help shift humanity into a new relationship with our planet? Become the medicine the world needs! Discover how to work with the energies, intentions, and spirits of nature – realizing your gifts as a shamanic practitioner. This on-demand immersion into the PMT is recommended for those already familiar with the mesa or who are willing to do preliminary study and assemble a mesa before beginning the first module.
See more of don Oscar's offerings:  eventsfree podcasts, and  products.
In the Writer′s Forum
by Deborah Sullivan (Photo left by Adlers Jilden)

by Pieter Lefferts

by Rev. Stephanie Red Feather, PhD
The Heart of the Healer Writer′s Forum features gifted writers inspired by the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Lineage. Check in often for thought-provoking reading.
Wednesday, January 9th
A Call for Yin Leadership In his book, A New Republic of the Heart, Terry Patten introduced the idea of the ‘yin hero’, a feminine model of leadership. It expresses not the yang masculine dominating capacities of the warrior hero, but the heroic humility and care associated with saints. Join Terry for a FREE 60-minute online teaching event, in which he will share wisdom you can use to activate this kind of leadership in your life, and about how we all can bring it to bear on behalf of the human future. This uplifting event will bring you hope for the future of humanity as well as a path toward your own personal empowerment.
Featured Video
Why Do Natural Disasters Happen?
Don Oscar Miro-Quesada shares how to process the phenomenon of natural disasters through the lens of universal shamanism. Watch Here>

YOU can offer the sacred medicine our Mother Earth desperately needs – through living in reverence, aligning with the potent energies of Earth’s subtle energy body, and heartfelt ritual mastery of shamanic forces and powers. For more information go to Reverence, Ritual & Renewal: Being a Shamanic Evolutionary Healing Force for Our World.
To view more of don Oscar′s video messages and become a subscriber to his YouTube channel click here or on the YouTube icon below.
Apu Denali
Our newsletter header depicts the highest mountain peak in North America, majestic Denali, soaring to 20,310 feet (6190.5 meters). For a list of other sacred pilgrimage sites and apus in North and South America visit Sacred Sites in our Ritual Arts section on the THOTH website.