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January 2015


We are well into the first month of 2015!  Although some don't believe in setting "new years resolutions", we hope that everyone started 2015 off refreshed and ready to have a great year of running, exercise, health, wellness and whatever makes you happy!


We are also excited to be launching weekly themed social media posts.  So connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to follow our free tips.  Also, let us know if YOU have a specific topic you would like to see discussed!

The Runner's Academy

Some things to consider....

1.  What are your main goals for the year?  - Define your goals accurately.  Maybe the goal is to simply complete a certain race distance for the first time; or perhaps it is more of a  performance goal and you are aiming for a new Personal Best.


2.  Choose your timeline by designating the race(s) where you are going to accomplish your goal(s).  These races will be your "A" races and they are the main focus of your training plan. 


3.  It is generally thought best to separate your "A" races by at least 12weeks so as not to hinder your race with ill-timed tapering or peaks during training.


4.  Choose some training races to slot in between the "A" races.  These will be your "B" races and should still demand some effort and may be have similar aspects to your "A" race, but will not be as crucial and generally not as long as your goal race(s).


5.  Choose a "C" race or two to keep you training and keep you in the game.  These races should be more for fun, and can even be a chance to do what you love (run), without the pressures of performance and measurement. 


6.  Be sure that "B" and "C" races do not interfere with proper training, tapering and rest/recovery for your "A" races!

 Most Importantly: Stay healthy!
Nutrition Tips from Tara Postnikoff
Keep it simple!  Many of us resolve to lose weight and eat better in the new year.  We start off great but by day 2 we are back to our old ways.  So rather than try to totally reinvent yourself, start small and keep it simple.  I often recommend to people that they start with one meal, such as breakfast to focus on for 2 weeks.  Plan it out and integrate those changes daily.  Once this becomes a habit and you don't have to think about it as much, pick another area to work on like packing healthy snacks.  These small changes vs total overhaul will ensure you have long lasting success!

2 Healthy breakfast options:

Vegetable Based smoothie
2 cups water
1 carrot

1 handful kale

1 cup fruit

1/2 avocado

1 scoop high quality protein powder

-blend until smooth

Simple on the Go:

1 glass warm water
3 hard boiled eggs, 1 cup fruit, 1oz nuts (ie 14 walnut halves)
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Stay Focused with a Group Run

 Come and run with our casual run group on Mondays at 6pm!  5-6km runs and good company!
Meet at The Runner's Academy and leave your stuff here!  All levels welcome!

Alter-G and Winter Training
 The Alter-G is a great way to ensure that not ALL of your winter training is on cold, frozen pavement!  Try a lighter load, especially if your having a "low energy winter day!"
Exercise of the Month 
Single Leg Glute Exercises  
Keeping the glutes and hip strong and able to support your single leg stance during running is important!
Click Here to view the short clip of these 4 exercises.
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