January Newsletter | Current Release W903B5
O4 Dashboard Announcement
February 6
We will be turning off full-access view on everyone's account.
June 2021
We will remove the O4 Dashboard for all non O4 customers.
Monthly Maintenance
Ingen Software has monthly planned maintenance windows. These take place on the Saturday after the monthly production release, which is generally the first Tuesday of the month, during the hours of 8:00 AM Central through 8:00 PM Central. During these maintenance windows, operating system updates and patches will be applied to our Windows and Red Hat Linux servers, firewalls, and switches as necessary. Therapeutic reboots of virtualization hosts may also be performed. Temporary outages can be expected during these planned maintenance windows. 

This month's maintenance window was
Saturday, January 9, 2021. 

The next planned maintenance window is
Saturday, February 6, 2021.

Future planned maintenance windows:
2/6/2021, 3/6/2021, 4/3/2021, 5/1/2021, 6/5/2021, 7/3/2021, 8/7/2021, 9/4/2021, 10/2/2021, 11/6/2021, 12/4/2021
Multiple Counts on Bids
OASIS allows users to quote multiple direct or indirect customers. OASIS also handles contractor counts. You can change and remove counts as needed without affecting base counts.

Navigating the Basics
OASIS support may request log files while troubleshooting an issue. These log files may reveal errors that are occurring in the background process.
Manufacturer Connectivity
We have recently updated our Signify document on how to send a RFQ to signify. how it works.

Project by Status Report
The Project by Status Report allows users to review the project ranking and sell cost for all phases of a project within a certain time frame. This report can be generated from the Projects or Quotes page.

Caching in OASIS
Caching is the process of storing replications of data that can be called for later use. OASIS provides the option for users to store replications of data on their local hard drive which can help users that are working wirelessly or via VPN retrieve data quicker. 
O4 Users
New Pricing!
Check out the What is O4?
document to see the updated O4 pricing.
Look at the O4 Development status here.
Customer Web Portal
The O4 Customer Portal is a web-based interface that makes it easy for an agent to share account specific information with their customers.

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