January 2024 Newsletter

The impact of #CASTkids in 2023!

The impact of CAST students in Stark County is nothing short of remarkable, with their influence steadily gaining momentum. These students, committed to Caring and Serving Together, have become a driving force for positive change in their community.

Much of the success of CAST Students can be attributed to our dedicated Student Advisor, Taylor, whose HUGE heart and inspirational leadership play a pivotal role. As a former CAST student herself, Taylor possesses a unique understanding of the program's transformative impact on students. Her passion for community engagement and personal growth is evident in her work, making her an invaluable asset to the program and our team. The CAST community is fortunate to have Taylor guiding and inspiring the students, ensuring that the momentum of positive change and student involvement continues to build.

Finally, I invite you to be a part of this impactful journey by sponsoring a student to attend EPIC (Every Person Is Crucial), a weekend retreat that serves as a catalyst for personal development and community building. Your support will not only contribute to the growth of individual students but also amplify the positive impact they have on Stark County. Join us in empowering the next generation of community leaders and change-makers through the CAST program. The cost to attend is $135 per student. Our goal is to raise $700. If you are interested in sponsoring a student to attend, please click here.

With gratitude,

Sonja White

Executive Director

A look back at 2023 in numbers!

2023 is such an exciting year to look back on and celebrate for our #CASTkids! This was the first full year that we have been able to provide a weekly service opportunity for students since the beginning of the pandemic! To see our students back, serving in our community at full force is truly inspiring!

2023 not only resulted in 849 student hours served but it brought together students from 8 different schools, developed high school students into leaders, and laid amazing ground work for 2024.

In 2023, we had a total of 402 students who dedicated their time and efforts to volunteer with CAST! Their service extended across various impactful activities, from contributing to Blessing Boot Camp and engaging in mission work in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, to experiencing a week of life-giving volunteering at Wildside. Notably, their commitment was unwavering in Stark County, where they consistently served at diverse partnering non-profits every Saturday morning throughout the year. The age range of these exceptional students spans from 10 to 18, making them not just volunteers but also the most admirable and inspiring young adults with whom one could have the privilege of serving alongside.

Did you know that an average of 100 students a month are impacted by CAST's afterschool and summer programming? Having the opportunity to be a positve impact on the lives of this many students on a regular basis is a responsibilty that we do not take lightly.

Looking ahead to 2024!

With a year like 2023..we can only expect much bigger things for 2024! We have so many exciting plans underway for students in 2024. Take a peak at what we already have in the works for 2024 and then please take a moment to pray for each of these upcoming opportunities with students.

What better time of year to set new goals then right off the bat in January. Take a look at where we aim to be with our CAST kids by this time next year!

A look back at 2018 EPIC and the Baptism's that followed!

EPIC 2024!

We are SO EXCITED to be taking a small group of girls with us on the EPIC Retreat this March! CAST has a rich history with EPIC; a weekend retreat for middle and high school students that aims to show students that they are crucial in the eyes of Jesus.

Every Person Is Crucial

And we are so excited to spend an entire weekend sharing this mesage with the next generation.

The cost to attend is $135 per student and CAST has a goal to raise $700. If you would like to sponsor a student to attend, please click here.

2023 #CASTkids Memories

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