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January 2018 

Message from the CEO

Dear Friends,

So we have rung in a new year and with that comes a flood of thoughts and emotions about the year completed and hopes and aspirations for the year just beginning.  Here at the Home, we all reflect upon the many wonderful things we accomplished in 2017.  Our annual report reflected those tangible items of which we are so proud.  But beyond those tangibles is a sense of pride in the many acts of genuine kindness that permeated 2017...the lives we touched, the joy we brought to those we served, and the farewells we have made for those whose journeys ended.  We remain forever grateful for having the opportunity to share in the lives of those entrusted to our care as well as with their families and friends who counted on us to live the mission.
As we begin a new chapter in 2018, we remain resolved to continue to make a meaningful impact here on Western Avenue and in the greater metro community.  Our service to those in need will forever remain the backbone of all we do.  With each new year, we strive to do the best work we can while never forgetting the mission that drives those efforts.  From our Home to yours, we wish for each of you a year filled with meaning, happiness, and comfort when you hit a curve in the road.  Never forget that we are here for you and trust that you will join with us in celebrating the lives of those we serve.


The Resident Art Program to Exhibit at
The Arts Club of Washington

The residents of the Home who participate in the Resident Art Program (Chris Alvear, Director) will have a unique opportunity to exhibit their artwork at The Arts Club of Washington. A selected panel of art professionals are chosen each year by the Club to review the artistic submissions and make selections for the year. The Home was honored to be chosen to exhibit up to 45 works of art for the month of February which begins with an opening reception on Friday, February 2 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. This reception is open to the general public and all art work on display is available for purchase.

The Arts Club of Washington found its home in 1916 after purchasing the Monroe House in Washington, DC. Washington artists wanted to create their own club that would focus on painting, sculpture, music and drama.  It was a club that was set apart from Washington's more traditional clubs, and it was also the first club in the nation's capital to admit men and women. The Arts Club of Washington builds on its distinguished cultural, social, and architectural traditions as it continues to evolve in the city.   You can learn more about the Club by visiting their website:

Some of the featured artwork that will be on display at The Arts Club of Washington include the following:

"Trees of Love" by Resident Artist Gladys Kazigian

"I See You" by Resident Artists

"Goldfish to Jupiter" by Resident Artist
Margaret Lewis 

Ronnie & Toni's Petting Zoo 
Comes to the Home

As a tribute to two memorable residents of the Home, a visiting animal petting zoo will begin a monthly animal therapy program with the residents.  "Squeals on Wheels" will be delivering the service through a project named in memory of Ronnie Hadorn and Toni Boyer, "Ronnie & Toni's Petting Zoo."   Animal therapy uses  animals as a form of companionship and treatment. Encounters with small furry friends can bring a sense of love and warmth to seniors and can help  improve their emotional, social, and cognitive abilities.  We are looking forward to this wonderful program for the residents.

Former Resident, Toni Boyer, cuddles a bunny from the petting zoo at the Community Fun Fest, October 2015
In This Issue

Residents of the Home enjoying the New Year's Eve party before the balloon drop
(pictured above)
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Aid Association for the Blind of
Washington, DC
Advisory Neighborhood
Commission 3E
Walter Brownley Trust 
DC Commission on the Arts
and Humanities  
Mary and Daniel Loughran Foundation
S. Kann Sons Company Foundation
The Ada and Albert Wibel
The Elizabeth R.Shoemaker
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz

Chris Alvear to Exhibit at the Arts Club  of Washington

The Home's Resident Art  Program Director, Chris Alvear, will also be exhibiting his own artwork at The Arts Club of Washington during the month of February.  Please be sure to view his gallery on the second floor on February 2 at the opening reception.   A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Mr. Alvear's artwork will benefit the Home. 
" Ruff Ruff To Me" by Chris Alvear


The Home is proud to hold a five-star rating from the Federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the highest attainable, and has again been rated one of the best nursing homes for 2017 by US News and World Report.



If your workplace has a giving program, please consider supporting the Home.
Your pre-tax deduction will make a huge difference to the residents.
LLDH Home designation numbers are:
United Way #8007
CFC #2502


A monthly gift is an easy and affordable way for you to empower low and modest income seniors of Washington, DC, to live their lives to the fullest. The monthly giving program benefits both the residents we serve and our supporters. To join our Monthly Sustainer Program click on the "Donate Now" button in this newsletter or visit our website at and go to the "Donate Now" button on the home page.

We appreciate your willingness to make a contribution to the Home that will greatly assist us in the important task of preserving the future of the Home for generations to come.
3:00 pm
Wine and Cheese Social
2:30 pm
Ronnie & Toni's Petting Zoo
2:30 pm
Martin Luther King Celebration
and Happy Hour

2:30 pm
Martin Luther King Trivia
2:30 pm
Resident Council

11:00 am
Bob Jenner Lecture Series
3:00 pm
Love in Action Ministry

2:45 pm
Art Class
3:00 pm
Tea Social

Contact the Activities office at 202-966-6667, ext. 3306 for further information.

Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home to provide extraordinary health and life care services to low and modest income seniors of the District of Columbia, empowering them to live life to the fullest.

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