Permits for New Mexico, Oregon, IFTAs expired December 31 st .

You only need permits for New Mexico and Oregon if you are running

through those states; otherwise, UCR and IFTAs are all you will need to renew

to continue crossing state lines. If you have not already renewed these, you are not

in compliance with DOT and may be susceptible to a fine.

If you will be renewing your IFTA stickers, keep in mind that your fuel taxes

through 3 rd quarter 2019 need to be on file in order to receive 2020 IFTAs. If you

will not be running out of state or if you plan on shutting down your business,

please contact a fuel tax representative to ensure everything is filed correctly.
           Remember that our permit specialists here at TFIG can also help you in

getting your trip, fuel, over-sized and overweight permits. We will review details

of your load to ensure that you meet each state’s requirements for safe