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Fall and Winter Program Recap!

As we spring into the new year, we had so much fun in our fall programming!

At Winthrop Elementary, we completed our Strong, Smart, and Bold curriculum. A highlight was our participants learning the ins and outs of how healthy friendships work. At Lawrence Catholic Academy, participants wrapped up the leadership programming for their advisory group. We are so proud of our Lawrence Catholic Academy youth for achieving their community service project dreams!

For our community based-programs, we wrapped up Winter Stress Busters, an after-school program in which youth learned about different types of stress coping mechanisms and self-love.

On November 10th, we worked with our budding entrepreneurs to transform their business ventures into gingerbread house masterpieces! As a group, we entered in the Port Gingerbread House Festival as a Girls Inc. village - Whoville. We were the talk of the town!

In November, we kicked off our first Girls Inc. Book Group at the Amesbury Public Library. We started with a modern day spin-off of Little Women: Meg, Beth, Jo, and Amy. Our participants were so excited to dive into the book and ask some heavy-hitting questions.

Join our Girls Inc. Book Group!

Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area has teamed up with the Amesbury Library for an ongoing book group. The group meets on the last Tuesday of the month. Our next book is Beetle and the Hallowbones!

Questions? Reach out to info@girlsincseacoast.org for more information!

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Our Community Program is Back!

Join Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area for our Community-Based Program on Monday afternoons. We will spring into the new year with our healthy friendship program: Growing Up Strong, Smart, and Bold. This program promotes social and emotional skills like active listening and effective communication through fun team building activities. We will play games, solve mazes, make friendship bracelets and so much more!

Our community program meets Mondays at 3:30pm - 4:30pm from February 26th - April 1st. (6-week program)

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Announcing: Spring Break Program!

Join Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area for our Spring Break Program! We'll be hosting our Spring Break Program from April 15th - April 18th from 9:00AM - 2:30PM at Central Congregation in Newburyport. Our theme for the week is Self-defense and Well-being. Come join us for an action packed self-defense morning, followed by mindfulness activities in the afternoon. Scholarships available.

Be on the look out for registration!

Updated Gender Identity Statement

Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area is excited to adopt Girls Inc. National's updated Gender Identity Statement:

Girls Inc. is committed to providing the comprehensive Girls Inc. Experience to those who identify as girls and those gender expansive young people who feel our pro-girl environment is the best fit for them. 

Because girls have the right to be themselves and express themselves!

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month:

Each year, members of the Love Is Respect Youth Council select a theme for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This year, they chose #Lovelikethat which calls on us all to create a world of positive actions to express and show healthy love in various ways. A love that emphasizes what a “love like that” means to you is where it’s at. Sometimes, outside influences (social messages, partners) can challenge what you know and believe about yourself. Don’t ever accept a “love” that makes you feel less than, because that isn’t love. Visit Love Is Respect to get involved. Call the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center if you or someone you know is in need of support (24/7 confidential hotline: 978-388-1888).

Black History Month

In January we celebrated the legacy left behind by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King also had inspiration from other Civil Right Activists. Not many people know that women and some members from the LGTBQ+ community have influenced many powerful aspects of Civil Rights in American History.

Coretta Scott King, married to Dr. King, gave up her dream as a singer to support her husband on the journey of justice. She was known to advocate for women's rights, her work to end the apartheid in South Africa, and more.

Pauli Murray was a Civil Rights Activist who focused much of their work on why laws excluded people of color. They led student protests, and formed a group called CORE (Congress of Racial Equality).

Dorothy Cotton was known to be one of Dr. King's aids. She served as an activist, planner, and leader. She trained thousands of individuals, and was even credited to have typed up Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Without Cotton, there would not be as many historical accounts. She held a lot of the emotional labor of the movement, an often unacknowledged role of women who are apart of these movements.

At-home Activity!

Fun Craft Idea

Need an activity to light up the winter blues? Light up the day with your very own paper lantern! Endless designs, and endless fun!

Find the instructions here!

Tag us in photos of your experiment on Instagram, or email Tia at tfranklin-garrett@girlsincseacoast.org to see your work featured! 

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