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Newsletter January 2023, #13

Prepare today to keep them safe tomorrow!

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Pet Emergency Preparedness


Prepping for the New Year

Let's make 2023 the year we resolve to get prepared and be pet ready!

Weather patterns are becoming stronger and more frequent, and fires are now year-round and unpredictable.

If you have to evacuate and go to a shelter they will not have supplies for your pets. If you leave your pets behind the chance of survival or someone rescuing them is not good.

Be in control of your pets fait by making a plan and having a go-bag for them ready. Make sure you add their shot records and medications. If you need to board them they will require the shot records and they will not have medications that your pet might need.

If you head to our website we have resources that can help you with all your planning, from our e-book on the frontpage to links on our resource page to the American Red Cross, FEMA and ASPCA where they talk about what is recommended by their organizations.

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year!

Be Pet Ready in 2023

Product Corner

Building a Custom Pak

If our pre-made packs are not what you are looking for then look no further.

We have built a page where you can build your pet emergency kit.

Pick a carrier of choice or not if you already have one, then go to the next category, food and then water and so on.

Don't miss the notes that tell you how much your pet might need based on its size for that critical 72 hours.

When you arrive at the cart, you will have the opportunity to make any adjustments you might need before checkout.

Don't miss the discount code below

Visit our Custom Page

PET EVAC PAK in the News!

Animal Shelters are helping residents with their Pet Emergency Preparedness

In 2022 we saw a change in direction with Animal Shelters thinking out of the box to reach out to local residents to help them get prepared for disasters with their pets.

Truckee Animal Control with the help of Maddie's Fund was able to distribute 500 packs to their local residents during the heavy fire season.

The Sacramento SPCA was contacted by Listos California supported by the Governor's office and the CAL_OES to help vulnerable residents that have pets be prepared for any disaster.


Blog: Time to Refresh and Rotate your pets Emergency Go-Bag

Just like changing the batteries in your smoke detector, it's time to pull out your evac pack to make sure you have everything you need and check the expiration dates.

Read More

Tips for Crate Training your Pets

If you need to evacuate to a shelter or even a hotel it's important your pet is crate trained. They will have to be in a crate if left at a shelter and you don't want that to be the time for training.

Here are some tips to keep it safe and fun for your pet.

  1. Never use the crate as punishment. We want this to be their safe space.
  2. Start by putting the crate in the living room or a room where they spend a lot of time. Open the door on the crate and put their bed inside. Just let them get used to it in that space.
  3. Next start by adding treats and let them go in and out to get their treats leaving the door open at all times.
  4. Next try feeding them in it, again leaving the door open.
  5. Before you know it you will see them sleeping in it or just hanging out. At this point, you can start closing the door for just a few seconds and then expand the time as they get more comfortable with it.

We hope this helps you with your emergency planning for your pets.

Industry News

California AB 1648 - Disaster Preparedness

This bill requires any city or county that requires you to have a kennel license or permit to operate a kennel within its jurisdiction, to have an animal natural disaster evacuation plan!

Approved by the Governor on September 26, 2022, and filed with the Secretary of State on September 26, 2022

Read more.......


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Donate a Pet Evac Pak to the Healing Heroes Program.

Your donation goes to supporting Disabled American Vets and their service dogs in training.

RRUFF (Rocklin Residents Unite For Fido) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID#27-3130260) founded in 2010. Its mission is to serve disabled veterans and the canine community. In addition to establishing the first off-leash dog park in Rocklin, Ca., in 2014 the Healing Heroes Program was formed.

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