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    Volume 11 No. 1                                                                                                                                    January  2019
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January 19 - WINTERFEST 2019 - Harrah's Casino, 1 Riverboat Road, North Kansas City, MO.  11:00 am.  See below.
February 11 - Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO. 5:30 pm.    
February 19 - Northland Democratic Club - 4120 NW Vivion Road, Kansas City, MO (SHEA office,across from Penguin Park). 7:00 pm.
February 21 - Platte County Democratic Central Committee - Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO.  7:00 pm
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Election News - U.S. Congress and MO Legislature 
The November 6 election was exciting and discouraging. We were all thrilled that Democrats won the U.S. House of Representatives bringing with them diversity, of age, sex, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The good news in Missouri is that Nicole Galloway was elected Missouri State Auditor and Lauren Arthur won the June 5th Special Election to become a new State Senator. We are excited that our Clay County State Representatives Jon Carpenter and Mark Ellebract won re-election and that Wes Rogers won the seat vacated by Lauren and Matt Sain will provide Platte County with a Democratic State Representative.

We are also thrilled that Constitutional Amendment 1. The Clean Missouri Initiative, Amendment 2. Legalizing Marijuana for medical purposes and Proposition B gradually increasing the Minimum Wage to $12 passed. Also good news - the voter initiative Proposition A repealed the Right-to-Work law that was passed in the last year's Legislative Session.

The bad news was Senator McCaskill's disappointing loss and that Platte County's extraordinary slate of candidates for the State Senate, State House of Representative and Platte County Presiding Commissioner did not win.

With all the drama and trauma taking place at the national level, it is sometimes hard to pay  attention to what is happening locally; but the adage" All Politics is Local" still rings true. As this year's Missouri Legislative Session begins we need to pay attention to the new legislature's attempts to overturn the will of the people by trying to modify the Clean Missouri Amendment and new efforts to make Missouri an anti-union Right-to-Work state; this in spite of voters overwhelming NO vote in August. It is worthwhile to call the Governor, your Senator and State Representative to let them know that these efforts are not acceptable. Letters to the editor would also be an appropriate response.

On the positive side Senator Lauren Arthur has introduced Senate Bill 29 which would authorize early voting and make this a no excuse absentee ballot state. This effort to make voting easier for more people is one that deserves support.

In the meantime, pay attention to news about upcoming municipal and school board elections. Remember to celebrate victories large and small, take the long view when thinking about the world as it should be. And as a wonderful community organizer once said "don't forget to have fun! A sense of humor will help get you through the tough times." Creating a community of reformers has value in itself.

2019 Winterfest sponsored by the Clay County Democratic Central Committee at Harrah's Hotel, 1 River Road, North Kansas City. 11:00 a.m. RSVP or Donna Cushman at 816 668-8273.  Info
IF there is a major snowstorm on Saturday, as predicted, look to the Clay County Facebook page for notice of cancellation.  
Important Dates    
January 9 - May 17
2019 Missouri Legislative Session
April 2
Local, School Board and KCMO primary elections
June 18
KCMO general election 
Northland Democratic Club
The Northland Democratic Club met at the SHEA office on Tuesday January 15. A planned vote on officers was postponed because a quorum was not present.
Donna Cushman said that she will be watching the weather for Saturday. If the major winter storm predicted for Saturday looks like it will actually happen she will send a notice to her email list and post a notice about Winterfest on the Clay County Facebook page . She noted that Harrah's has been supportive about the possibility of the need to postpone the event. Stay posted.
The rest of the meeting was a discussion of possible programs for this year's meeting. Possible programs include presentations by ACLU, the Missouri Budget project and candidates for the KCMO's candidates for at-large Council seats. Suggestions for programs of interest are welcome.
Platte County Federated Democratic Women's Club  
The Platte County Women's Club met on Monday January 14th at the Platte County Resource Center. Lee Karbaumer provided a brief presentation about the Immigrant Justice Advocacy Movement and the Court Watcher Training to provide immigrants facing deportation with support in the form of Court Watchers. Those interested in being Court Watchers or who have questions may contact IJAM at 816-560-4616.
The discussion then turned to the November election. Alice Wadsworth suggested that we plan a celebration of the very excellent candidates we had running for state and local office. Martin Rucker II for the State Senate and Sandy Van Wagner, Mitch Weber, Matt Sain and Brady Lee O'Dell for State Representative and David Park our candidate for Platte County Presiding Commissioner were all exceptional candidates who ran excellent campaigns with enthusiastic volunteer support. In spite of the fact that the Blue Wave did not quite make it to Platte County, the women's club agreed that we would like to have a party to celebrate all of their efforts, celebrate the ballot issues we won and encourage these candidates to run again. The way things are going with the government shut down the year 2020 may be the one that turns Missouri blue.

Following the business meeting Doris Crews made a fascinating presentation on First Ladies of the United States.
There is no question that we live in interesting times. It's time to move past ideology to reality. Government is our tool. When wielded properly government can help us grow our economy and strengthen our families, cities and nation. Government is not something imposed on us - we are the government. To make it work we must take responsibility for getting informed, getting involved and speaking out for what we believe in.
The blue wave didn't exactly overtake Missouri it but it did sweep into Kansas and did well in Clay County. There is still hope for Platte County and Missouri. There are many things we can do over the next two years in preparation for the election of 2020. The search for a viable candidate for the 6th Congressional District starts NOW. The American Dream is based on the needs and aspirations of every family. It is a dream we all have in common.
Links to articles and information of interest:
St. Louis Post Dispatch Editorial "Clean Missouri" Means What it Says, Governor Parson. Don't mess with it.   
ABC article Republicans look to change citizen petition process, bills would make the process more difficult
The New Indivisible Guide - Indivisible on Offense, Summary 
Missouri's two U.S. Senators are:
Roy Blunt (R) D.C. 202-224-5721
Josh Hawley (R) D.C. 202-224-6154
Kansas City Area House of Representatives
5th District Emanuel Cleaver II (D) 202-225-4535
6th District Sam Graves (R) 202-225-7041 
Our Thanks
To Alice Wadsworth for all her hard work in keeping this newsletter going.