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Seasonal Ideas & Information for January

The following are a list of activities to consider for your January gardening:
  • Plant vegetables from transplants.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Plant rosebushes.
  • Plant fruiting plants.
  • Plant pansies, snapdragons, violas, alyssum, cyclamen.
  • Plant those bulbs that you put in your refrigerator to provide for a chill treatment.  They won't flower in the fridge!
  • Plant spring flowering trees and shrubs.
  • Fertilize established trees and shrubs.
  • Water newly planted transplants.  Containers need more frequent water than plants in the ground.  Water well before a freeze to protect roots.
  • Plan ahead for cold weather.  At some point it will get cold enough that tropical plants will need protection.  Decide which plants you will choose to protect.  Make sure you have enough materials on hand.....frost cloth, blankets, cardboard boxes, stakes, etc.  Each plant needs to have a covering large enough to extend to the ground.  
How to prepare for upcoming cold weather:
1.  Cover all of your tender plants with frost cloth.   Do not use plastic to cover your plants.   The plastic will harm your plants.
2.  Water all of your plants and containers before the cold weather        arrives.  This will help to protect your plant from frost damage.
3.  Mulch your flowerbeds and plants well to keep plant roots insulated

From Our Landscape Architect:

"Security Light vs. Nuisance" 

by Janielle Guzinski

When I'm out on landscape consults I often get asked what to do about light from a neighbor's security light.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do about what another person's choice, but I can give information to anyone out there considering floodlights. 
People want lights for security, but they often get wide floodlights that spill over onto the neighbors' property or angle the lights too high and into neighbors' windows.  If the goal is to make your property bright enough for someone to see a burglar, then the neighbor's shutters can't be down because of a light glaring into their house.  When installing an outdoor light, you should consider using a higher quality light than you can sometimes find at the big box stores.  There are a great many attractive, LED floodlights that have sensors for motion or dawn-dusk but that don't spillover onto other properties.  

The following drawings show the light from a pair of floodlights on the front of a house.  One, the architectural floodlight, has a casing that makes the light a cone shape that illuminates only the yard belonging to that house.  The equivalent generic LED floodlight casts a much broader spread of light.  You can see how much the light spills over to neighboring properties.  On the last pair of 3D drawings, I even turned the drawing around so you can see how much light is hitting the front of the building across the street. 
Architectural Floodlight
Generic Floodlight
Architectural Floodlight 3D
Generic Floodlight 3D
Architectural Foodlight 3D with
neighboring house
Generic Floodlight 3D with neighboring house

By Tim Hartmann
Extension Program Specialist, Horticultural Sciences
The Texas A&M University System
December 27, 2017

"Earth-Kind focuses on using environmentally friendly management practices to produce landscapes that are beautiful, low-maintenance, and sustainable. The goals of an Earth-Kind landscape are to conserve water and energy, reduce pesticide and fertilizer use, and to recycle landscape wastes. Unfortunately, some Earth-Kind principles can be difficult to implement in an established landscape, especially if the owner does not wish to make drastic changes to the existing design and plantings. The following, however, are 10 practices that can easily be implemented to transform an existing landscape into one that is Earth-Kind (http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/earthkind/) ."

A New and 
Exclusive Color
A sophisticated neutral with hints of green and blue, Sage can complement or define a myriad of designs in an array of outdoor settings.  The subtle hues of Sage adapt to the environment providing tonal flexibility across the warm/cool spectrum.

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