January 2014
Issue: #15

This January marks the 34th anniversary of TriYoga. On January 5, 1980, Kaliji was leading a group meditation when her body began to move spontaneously, guided from within, through asana, pranayama, and mudra. Thus, TriYoga was born and continues to evolve-as did the ancient yoga-from the miracle of kriyavati siddhi.


TriYoga is now taught throughout the world, with 41 centers  from Beijing to Ballarat and from Munich to Moscow, and more than 1200 teachers in over 40 countries-sharing the flow and meeting together in global satsanga, online and in person.
The full moon on January 15th marks the grand opening of TriYoga's new website,  designed and created by graphic artist Ganga, with inspiration and guidance from Kaliji and help from webmaster John (DJ) and theTriYoga team. 

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Kaliji's visit to Mysore included the first International TriYoga Conference, organized by Dr. Ragavendra Pai. In addition to programs with Yogini Kaliji, the event featured distinguished speakers presenting on a variety of yoga topics.

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TriYoga Victory!
On the auspicious day of Datta Jayanti, the holiday celebrating the Universal Trinity, we received the great news that TriYoga International successfully defended its European Union (EU) trademark. The submissions of testimonials, fliers, receipts, and other essential documentation provided by our European teachers & centers were instrumental in this victory.
Thanks to all who contributed.

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Upcoming programs in Europe
Kaliji will offer several programs in Europe
 in the coming months: 
February 1-2 at the Inside Yoga Conference in Wels, Austria
March 28- April 2 in Munich, Germany
 April 4-6 in Vienna, Austria
April 7-9 in Moscow, Russia
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TriYoga teachers from around the world share their news.  Click here to see what's happening at TriYoga Center Vienna.
Upcoming programs in USA
January 17-19 TY 34 Celebration in Santa Cruz
February 28-March 2  Level 3 Prana Vidya in Santa Cruz
March 7-9 at TriYoga Boston
April 30-May 4 Level 4 in Santa Cruz
Coming soon to  KRIYA

Our video Q&As with Senior Teachers John & Stef will be available with Russian (с русскими субтитрами
and Chinese (汉语) subtitles!  
Message from KALIJI

Today another full moon has passed. In January of 1980 the full moon was on January 2, three days prior to the initial Kriyavati Sidhhi flow. Now 34 years of practicing and teaching TriYoga has taken place. Due to TriYoga, we have met. You have practiced TriYoga and many of you are teaching TriYoga as a result of this. Thirty-four is a 7-vibration year. Seven is the music vibration. Nada Yoga sessions have recently begun on KRIYA Live. Hope you can join to learn to lead a chant, play a rhythm instrument, or learn harmonium/keyboard. We are excited about the new website release. Last year at this time, the new KRIYA site was launched. Since then we've had monthly events that support the yoga lifestyle. In 2013, I completed over 110,000 flight miles taking off and landing more than 80 times. With requests from TriYoga Flow~ers throughout the world, this has been the average number of flights since 2004. Through word of mouth-one flower to the next -TriYoga in its 34th year is practiced and taught in more than 40 countries. With each year the TY flow~ers have more and more fragrance-the more you remain in the flow, the accumulation of prana will accelerate the spiritual journey.  


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year ~ 

and Happy TriYoga 34.

Send your submissions to newsletter@triyoga.com to share them with the TriYoga community.
... in the flow,
TriYoga International   
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Message from Kaliji
Around the World
Vegan Recipe
TY 34 Shirts
Around the Globe

TY 34 Celebrations around the world included a party with TriYoga Community Berlin,

and at  TYC Brovary, Ukraine.

TY Central PA gathered to share: click here to watch their Kriyavati message! John and Stef will travel there February 7-9 for an all-levels weekend program.

Nevinnomyssk (Russia) teacher Shanti Sveta released 2014 TriYoga calendars. Contact Shanti  to order. 
 Live Cucumber Fennel Salad

Watch our own MD Vegan as he combines cucumbers, celery, and crunchy fennel in this lively entree. He just posted his 199th video!
28-Day Intro to a 
Plant-Based Diet

TriYoga teacher and vegan chef Kelli offers an interactive on-line course for those interested in shifting their diet, or learning more about the foods they already eat.  Kaliji gave the inspiring and informative opening talk, and Kelli offers recipes, daily emails and weekly conference calls.

Satyam (Sterling) Hart from Cedar Rapids, IA travels to Philadelphia for a weekend of Prana Vidya and TriYoga Flows. Click here for more information.
TRIYOGA 34 T-Shirts!
Three new designs with quotes from Kaliji and artwork from Kiev-based TY Teacher Natalia.

Dance into Bliss with Ganapati, in purple and rust.

Stretch Body, Breath and Mind
with Hanuman, available in moss green and red.

Meditate to Know ThySelf, available in brick and natural.

All shirts are organic bamboo/cotton mix and available in women's and unisex sizes, extra small to extra large!
New Year, New Pillows
 New TY pillows and bolsters have just come in-support yourself in style!  New colors include burgundy, forest green, and our classic purple.