The Mel King Institute wishes you a new year filled with good health, community prosperity and continued connection. We all saw the strength of our networks, and the power of folks pulling together to respond to the challenges of 2020. This inspires us, as we launch into this year renewed and grounded in our work of training, leadership development and building community.

We are thankful to our many partners and participants who have been able to work with us to respond the new virtual environment for learning and network building. This winter, we hope to engage with you at one of our many trainings, program activities and other events! 

~ MKI Team 
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Advancing Frontline Employees of Color
 PolicyLink & FSG 
Advancing Frontline Employees of Color, identifies 23 evidence-based practices for advancing racial equity and fostering working environments where all people feel valued and can thrive.
This video takes viewers on an affordable housing tour of Boston's historic South End, hosted by Vince O'Donnell, with Neil McCullagh.
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Evictions Feed The Pandemic

"My landlord is in my apartment right now, and he is refusing to wear a mask!" said my client, who called in panic last week. "He opened the deadbolt. I called the police and they won't come. They said it's a 'civil issue.'" Through tears, she...

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