January 15, 2019

Dear Readers, Feliz Año!

Nothing like indulging during December, while you reckon that once the New Year begins you'll make a fresh start. It's mid January and I'm still working on that fresh start.... qui va piano va sano e va lontano.

Welcome 2019! Last year's roller coaster ride gave way to a list of do's 'n' don'ts. Thus, live and learn, forgive and forget, and salud to turning over a new leaf with every new season. Speaking of seasons, above all, let's hope for increased environmental awareness to protect our frail and beautiful planet Earth that continues in the grip of greed. Truly exasperating.

This year, I'm adding a couple of sections to my newsletter: "From the Archives," spotlighting photos from past events, and "Calendar of Events," allotting a segment to promoting artists and upcoming cultural events.

Once again I have the privilege to share with you my dear friend Jan Van Buyten's animation piece--The Ice Skater. Every New Year's Day I look forward to Jan's one-of-a-kind artistic creation. Beautiful as always. Thank you Jan.

Feliz Año Nuevo,
Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo
The Ice Skater
© Jan Van Buyten
SF Indie Fest presents This Taco Truck Kills Fascists , a documentary directed by award winning filmmaker and multimedia producer Rodrigo Dorfman .

Rodrigo Dorfman will travel from his hometown Durham, North Carolina, to attend screenings.

Roxie Theatre
Friday, Feb 1st - 5:00 PM
Saturday, Feb 2nd - 2:45 PM

"A Revolutionary Taco Truck Theatre travels into the heart of America’s Trumplandia with a simple message: “No guacamole for immigrant haters.”" Read More

Rodrigo Dorfman is the son of Chilean author Ariel Dorfman, best known for Death and the Maiden , played on Broadway in 1992, staring Glenn Close, Gene Hackman and Richard Dreyfuss.


Friday, Feb 1st, 8pm:
Herbst Theater, San Francisco

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 8pm:
Brava Theater, San Francisco

Feb 3rd, 7pm:
La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley

Feb 3rd, 9:30pm:
La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley

Join the #TheChileLindoNetwork on social media to connect with Chile Lindo's diverse communities and growing outreach capacity. Gracias.

(left to right) Rick Brown, Ulf Bjorkbom, Paula Tejeda, Ollie Dudek, Michael Parsons, Danny Brown.
Back in 2014 a group produced ULUV Music Day, a San Francisco version of Fête de la Musique, celebrated in France. It's a day when music takes over the streets. I was asked to host at Chile Lindo, since in San Francisco, with its endless permit demands, music can't take over the streets. Only establishments with insurance and permits, etc, could host the events.

I immediately liked the idea and said yes to making Chile Lindo one of the venues. I presented "From Classical Revolution To Bebop Session" featuring Classical Revolution (founded at the Revolution Café by Charith Premawardhana in 2006 and still going strong) followed by a jazz set featuring Rick Brown, Michael Parsons, Ulf Bjorkbom, Ollie Dudek, and Danny Brown.

Once I embarked on this undertaking, I started asking around for a way to get an acoustic piano to Chile Lindo (nothing else would do). That's when someone told me that in Half Moon Bay an Argentinian went around placing pianos on crazy outdoor locations, such as on a hill overlooking the ocean. Perfect, I thought... and that's how I first met the magnificent Mauro ffortisimo ( ¡qué personaje, che! ) and his partner in crime filmmaker Dean Mermell. This dynamic duo created Sunset Piano which lead to Flower Piano at the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. Flower Piano is my favorite annual event in the City. For twelve days pianos are "hidden" throughout the SF Botanical Garden and people are invited to play between scheduled performances. This year it takes place July 11 - 22. Don't miss it.

Also, Dean Mermell directed a documentary based on Mauro's eccentric adventures while placing pianos along the coast of Half Moon Bay. Check out the trailer.

So, I got a piano to Chile Lindo for the musicians and also made great new friends.

Stay tuned, for all these artists are still making the rounds and keeping this city human.

Thank you to Victoria Sanchez de Alba, De Alba Communications Multicultural PR/Media Relations, for helping me sponsor the ULUV Music Day.


Order Chile Lindo cocktail empanadas for your next event or stop by and visit this Mission District iconic, charming Café.

Be sure to let me know you're coming so that I can make it a point to be there. I look forward to seeing you.~Paula
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