Meet the Mendez Family...Strong Tower Ministries first met this lovely family in 2019 when we partnered with Young Life Adventures Baja to build them a home.

One of their two children, Elsy, was born with spina bifida, which has required around the clock care and numerous follow-up surgeries. But through it all, this family remains hopeful, thankful, and full of joy as they love each other and all those that cross their paths.

It was brought to our attention in December that Elsy, now 3 years old, was in need of a mandatory life saving surgery. The Mendez family, their friends, and the community as a whole had always been able to find the funding for prior surgeries. For the last one the family sold their only car. Due to high unemployment and other financial COVID-19 related hardships, the 5,000 dollar procedure cost was unattainable. Every day that passed without the surgery put Elsy's life in further danger of possible infections and other complications.

Only days after hearing of the need and due to the generosity of others, Elsy underwent the successful procedure and is now recuperating at home. There will be many more procedures to follow, and Strong Tower Ministries is committed to walk beside this extraordinary family as their journey continues. If you feel led to contribute to this family's ongoing needs, just go to the donation page of our website and whichever method you choose to give, include "Mendez Family" in the notes. DONATE