January News & Updates
Welcome to the IDA, Oregon Branch monthly newsletter.  Happy New Year.  2018 is going to be exciting.   To stay up to date on all of our activities, please visit our website at  or.dyslexida.org

Recap of 2017

2017 will be remembered for the year in which the requirements of Oregon's adopted dyslexia legislation were rolled out in the form of the Oregon Dyslexia Plan.  To help understand this, Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and our branch of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) , teamed up to make an informational video "Essential Elements of the Dyslexia Legislation in Oregon".  If you haven't watched it yet, please do here.

The Oregon Branch of the IDA has developed and started a training module that satisfies the requirements of SB 612 and SB 1003's dyslexia training component - Understanding and Recognizing Dyslexia.  This 4 hour training has been presented to approximately 300 participants so far and more training dates are scheduled in 2018.  

Our Student Empowerment Panel has become more active and widely praised.  These students share their personal accounts of struggles and victories, pain and success.  They provide insight and understanding that no cold facts can express.  We are truly grateful to all of them for bravely sharing their stories.  

We continue to try to increase our communication and services to our community.  You can now find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as our website.  

An amazing journey to follow

Jared Blank is raising money to support students with dyslexia in Oregon!  This January he will be running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents!  

He will start on January 30, 2018 in Antartica with an expected temperature of -10 degrees below 0 Celsius.  From there he will travel to South Africa (Africa), Australia, United Arab Emirates (Asia), Portugal (Europe), Colombia (South America), and finish in Miami (North America).  

Diagnosed with dyslexia at age 5, Jared continues to prove that nothing can hold you back if you are determined.  Despite having 3 advanced degrees, he continues to push himself.  He loves encouraging others and showing them that anything is possible.  

Please consider starting your year off by making a donation to Jared's dream of raising awareness about dyslexia. 

For more  information  about Jared and his run, follow this link to 

Upcoming Events and Groups from IDA, Oregon Branch

New Beaverton Dyslexia Support Group:   If you are a Beaverton School District parent and are interested in getting involved, we would be happy to put you in touch with the current leaders.    Contact us at [email protected].  

March 10, 2018Registration is now open!   
Join us for our annual symposium featuring David Kilpatrick "Recent Advances in Understanding Word-Level Reading Problems: Assessment and Highly Effective Intervention".  Scholarship applications available  here..  

We have many other upcoming training and informational events in the next few months. Please look at our event page  here for more information.