January 2019
Wishing you a bright and brilliant 2019!
Site Selection Trends in the Technology Industry
By: Chris Engle, Principal

The technology industry has become one of the most dominant drivers of the U.S. economy today, as it permeates more aspects of consumer life and business strategy. Urgency now exists for companies to identify the best technology workforce to ensure dominance in their field. Despite low levels of unemployment, there is still fear that technology and automation will soon start to displace workers at levels never before seen (at least those tasks that can be automated). When Marc Andreessen famously said in 2011, “Software is eating the world,” he could have continued the sentence with, “and is coming to eat your lunch.”

Celebrating our Clients
- The Amarillo EDC held their first ever State of the Economy event this month to discuss local growth and how national economic trends will affect the Amarillo economy. Avalanche VP Tony DeLisi, who led the Align Amarillo strategy in 2017, was one of the event's headline speakers.

1901 Group Adds 580 Jobs in Blacksburg - Great news for Virginia's New River Valley ! The 1901 Group, an IT company, is investing $4 million to expand its headquarters in Montgomery County, VA and creating more than 800 jobs in the New River Valley region.

Sonoma County exploring ways to upgrade manufacturing technology to boost local innovation - The Sonoma County EDB is developing a manufacturing alliance to help local firms integrate technology into their manufacturing processes. Congrats to the EDB for continued success implementing Strategic Sonoma!

Governor Haslam, Commissioner Rolfe Announce Volkswagen to Create 1,000 New Jobs in Chattanooga - Volkswagen has announced that it will build its first electric vehicle manufacturing facility in the US in Chattanooga, TN! This will bring $800 million in new investment and 1,000 jobs to Hamilton County. A huge win for the Chattanooga Chamber !
Avalanche in Action
We started new year by visiting Sandoval County, NM, to kick off a new economic development strategy for the Sandoval Economic Alliance and the community. Next, we returned to Chattanooga to continue crafting the region's new five-year strategic plan, Chattanooga Climbs. Finally, Jennifer and our partners at CAEL led workshops in Hampton Roads, VA, to begin creating a workforce development strategy for the region. 2019 is certainly off to a running start!
The Future Of Featured Post: Time to Support America’s Midsized Metros
Ever since the 2016 election more attention has been paid to the growing disparity between highly successful major metros and the economically depressed rural areas of America, but what about those in between? Coastal tech hubs are booming while rural small towns are collapsing has been a common headline over the past two years, but less attention has been paid to how midsized metros factor into our national narrative. Midsized metros, characterized as metros with populations between 25,000 and 1 million, could be vital to encouraging widespread economic growth.

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