The Robot S7 is a new range of self propelled semi-automatic packaging machines. This machine is built to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size and weight, using stretch film. For more information and pricing, contact our Sales Team.
January 2022 Newsletter
What's in this issue
  • All New Robot S7
  • Exciting Events Ahead
  • Toast to Semi & Full-Automatic Equipment
  • New Ways to Fill Space
  • Featured Films
  • Fantastic Service
Exciting Events Ahead
Sip Back & Relax
The 2022 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium highlights emerging issues, trends, and innovations. Hosting more than 700 booths and 23 large vineyard and winery machinery areas, it is the largest wine & grape industry trade show in North America.

Come visit us at our booth on January 25-27, 2022 at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, California.
The Best at CLFP
Don't forget to mark your calendars for 2022 Food Processing Expo at the Sacramento Convention Center, February 15th & 16th.
Learn about the upcoming workshops & speakers, featuring a wide variety of CLFP member food processors, food processing industry vendors, suppliers, and more! Learn more here
Join us Again in April!
WestPack is North America's biggest annual packaging trade show, bringing together suppliers and solutions from across the entire concept-to-market product cycle. It was a pleasure seeing you all there! Thank you for joining us and making August's West Pack such a success
See you again next year April 12-14, 2022! Find out more about the expo here
Toast To Semi & Full-Automatic Equipment
Out with the Old, In with the NEW!
West Coast Supplies wants to help improve your operations. One of the most beneficial ways is to upgrade your packaging equipment with one of our Semi & Full-Automatic Machines. The new Eco-friendly technologies can reduce film waste by 30 to 55%, and increase product sustainability and productivity.

Contact our Sales Team to upgrade and learn more about Full & Semi-Automatic offers. See our machines and what they can save for you!
New Ways to Fill Space
Void Fill System
West Coast Supplies will protect your product and eliminate unnecessary claims with our New Void Fill System. These Dunnage Products will fill any space to provide extra security and keep your product safe. Some of these include Corrugated Drop Fillers, Dunnage Air Bags, and Corrugated Bulkhead Fillers.
These strong fillers prevent damage by filling space between your product while in transit. You will save time and money with the New Void Fill System.
Contact our Sales Team for more information.
Featured Films
West Coast Supplies provide an assortment of films to fit a variety of industries, especially yours. Our sales team can provide you with a custom order that fits your product and your company's needs. Please contact our sales team for all film options.
  • Allows ventilation - prevents condensation
  • Eliminates costly corner boards & straps
  • Reduces palletizing costs
  • Excellent pallet stabilization
  • 100% recyclable with low waste volume
  • Available in both hand and machine applications.
Ways to Save on Stretch Film
When it comes to Stretch Film West Coast Supplies has you covered. We carry a complete range of standard and high performance Hand and Machine Stretch Film designed to maximize load containment at the lowest possible cost.
Fantastic Service

Machine Service and Repair
Our certified technicians are available for service, parts, and repair to keep your equipment performing optimally. Schedule Service Now!
West Coast Supplies has more than 30 years experience in the innovative packaging solutions business. Please visit for a full list of our products and services.
Contact us now for more information.