Happy New Year!

My wish for all of you is to have a wonderful, happy and prosperous 2019!

This year began so beautifully- My nephew, Tim, and his wife, Kate, gave birth to an enchanting baby girl on January 2nd. I am so thankful that I was able to be there for the arrival of Amelya Sharika Gobin. Her middle name Sharika was chosen to honor my niece who passed away on Christmas Eve approximately 17 years ago. My niece Sharika, was my sister Glenda's baby who was only two years old when she passed. I am one of 7 siblings in my family and Linda, Glenda, Brenda and myself are the four sisters. Our family has kept Sharika close in our thoughts and hearts for many years. I can't express how beautiful a tribute it is to have this new life carry her name and how many memories it has resurrected for my sisters and me.

My sisters and I have also recently reflected on our mother's passing. My sister Linda and I were both pregnant when our mother passed away from a massive heart attack at age 53. My son Christian was later born in October 1992. This year I will turn 53 which represents a lot of different emotions. Until now, I've always thought of how it made me feel after my mother's passing... but to now reach her age and experience so much in my lifetime I am starting to see it from her lens. I feel deeply saddened to know that she did not get to see her grandchildren on this earth and see our family's accomplishments. The birth of Amelya has given me so much appreciation, understanding and love. I am going into the New Year with a new lens and an open heart.

Below are pictures of baby Amelya, my sister Linda and my mother Meena.

My second family that means so much to me is the Allure family. This year we celebrate our 25th Anniversary on April 27th! Please mark your calendars for a celebration to remember. This event will honor our staff, clients, families, and local community that have shaped Allure throughout the years. On our 25th Anniversary we will look back at the good times and look to positive reflections for the years ahead..

We hope you can be a part of our anniversary celebration!

Sandra Ishmael

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