First Presbyterian Church of Rome
January 2020

Bethel Discipleship
resumes January 8th....
Fellowship Hall
Why is it important to study the Old Testament?  As one author explains, "Only those who have journeyed through the Old Testament can appreciate the full splendor and glory of the New Testament and fully digest its fruit, and those who have not cannot." (Waltke).

In Bethel OT II, we will journey through the books of Judges through Malachi, focusing on God's overarching plan of redemption.

Our group study begins on January 8th and continues through May 13th. We meet each Wednesday from 10am till 12N. Please let us know that you will be joining us by registering online, by calling our church office, or email Phyllis Pemerton at

Experience 15 powerful lessons that have equipped thousands of every day believers with greater vision, hope, and passion. In Perspectives, scripture, history, culture and strategy converge to reveal the unfolding of God's redemptive purposes. He is on a mission to bless the peoples of the earth and you're invited to join him.
When:    Sundays January 12 - May 3, 2020
Where:   Cornerstone Church - 324 Mathis Dr
Contact:   Ashley Evans: 678.478.3110 (cell) 
Cost:      $295 (Scholarships are available to ensure  that cost is no obstacle for anyone.)
Register: Online

Faith Promise in Action
After fourteen years of ministry at WinShape, Eric Cone will serve as the Country Director for BlueSky Global Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya.  He, and his family, will work alongside the Hill and Mast families. Faith Promise was used as a one-time gift to assist with their transition to the field.   

PIPS Events

 We're asking the Pips to bring sweet or salty snacks. Please make sure the snacks have no nuts. This is a great opportunity to get to know our youth. 

Thursday, January 23
at 11:30 am
Our Pips lunch will feature Kirk Milam as our guest speaker. Kirk will share a wonderful Biblical message about making this new year a great one that glorifies God. Our meal will be soup and sandwich catered by Duffy's. Please make a reservation with the church office.

Christianity & Same Sex Attraction: How the Gospel Compels Us to Engage Sexual Sufferers & Sinners with Compassion & Conviction

I've gotten into the habit of praying for stuff that I know I can pull off if God doesn't. Call it fear or call it unbelief, both are insufficient. It's time to pray for mountains to move instead of anthills. It's the impossible stuff that's hard to pray but easy for God to do."   - Jackie Hill Perry, artist, sexual sufferer   redeemed out of a lesbian relationship

The mercy of Christ for sufferers and sinners models Gospel Engagement. How does the Gospel Compel us to Engage Sexual Sufferers and Sinners with Compassion and Conviction? 

January 8  - Panel Discussion with elders, pastors and congregants
January 15  - "Same Sex Attraction in the Home" (Guest Speaker: Mr. Cooper Pinson )
January 22  - "Same Sex Attraction in the Church" (Guest Speaker: Dr. Sandy Wilson )
January 29  - "Same Sex Attraction in the Community" (Guest Speaker: Blair Smith)
Our programs on these 4 Wednesday nights will begin at 6:00 PM and run a bit later. It will be important for parents of those children in nursery or children's ministry to pick their children up at 7:30 PM.

Additional Seminars:
1. "First Steps in Helping Students with Same Sex Attraction" w ith Mr. Cooper Pinson
When : Thursday, January 16,  9:30-10:30AM;   Hardy Classroom
Who : This is an open event for anyone that would like to attend.
*Nursery will be available upon request only for children 8 weeks through 5 years.
Please contact Mrs. Nell at

2. "Practical Discipleship for Same Sex Attracted Sufferers"with Dr. Sandy Wilson
When : Wednesday, January 22,  12:00-1:00PM;  Fellowship Hall
Who : This event is available to pastors, elders, and staff.

3.  "Does Loving My Neighbors Mean Supporting Their Politics? Navigating Relationships in an    All or Nothing World"  with Dr. Blair Smith
When : TBD
Who : This is an open event for anyone that would like to attend.

Mission Spotlight:  "The Covered Spotlight"
Each month we seek to cast the proverbial light on a missionary, as a way to illuminate a little about their personal life, their ministry, and opportunities to partner.  But did you know that almost half of our supported missionaries will never be featured in our Missions Spotlight?   Due to tyrannical regimes, unrest, and threat of persecution and imprisonment, we cannot risk linking their names with a ministry. Can you imagine serving in an area in which a blurb in a church newsletter could lead to the end of a ministry, imprisonment or even death to yourself or the ones you serve?!  Many of these missionaries use secure emails to send updates personally.  If you would like to learn more and pray specifically for a missionary, please contact Natalie at Each month, as your read FPC's Mission Spotlight, may the Holy Spirit prompt you to pray for our missionaries not in the spotlight.