MTC is a real, volunteer, grass roots organization. We don’t have a professional Webmaster who can write HTML code so we depend on an inexpensive, off-the-shelf, "drag and drop" Website service called “Weebly” and depend on our volunteers to maintain it and provide content tips and alert us to problems.

We’re committed to posting only rational, ethical content that relates to our mission of defending liberty. We only post things with some intellectual value, so a cartoon that parodies a politician’s bad behavior might make the "cut," but one that simply ridicules his looks won't. We don’t post things like recipes, cat videos or wild conspiracy theories. When we post something that we believe has value but is unverifiable, we note that fact. For example, we recently posted a headline that a human rights monitoring group reported that a 20-year-old ISIS animal publicly “executed” his mother because she wasn’t toeing the line. We thought it was noteworthy because it is plausible and illustrates the nature of the threat we face, but we plainly noted it hasn't been validated.