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January 2020

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A Few Words from Mary Ellen
Happy New Year!

I have been listening to everyone's resolutions for the New Year and contemplating my own. When I saw the article, "Between 65 and Death" on Facebook, it gave me pause. First, the title seems kind of harsh. Almost like it was translated from a foreign language. We Americans aren't usually so cavalier with the "d" word. Second, I was tempted to disregard the article completely because I'm not (even close to) 65. I'm glad I overcame and read the article which has 21 bits of advice for people who fall into this category.
I decided I would share a few;  
  • It's time to use the money you saved up.
  • Keep a healthy life.
  • Regardless of age, keep love alive.
  • Whenever possible be well groomed and well dressed (don't let yourself go).
  • Respect the younger generation and their opinions.
  • Don't say "in my day", now is your day.
  • Accept invitations, go out among people.
  • Talk less and listen more. Don't bore people with long stories that only have meaning for you.
  • Be true to your beliefs but don't waste your time trying to convince others.
  • Laugh a lot. 
This is just a sampling but the gist of the matter is that we should live our life to the fullest. Do not succumb to the stereotypes about aging. Don't be self-centered and bossy.  Reap the fruits of your labors. Keep moving and loving. Live in the moment.
Because my life plan includes living to one day be between "65 and death" I feel like I will likely use this advice. In fact, I think I'll start practicing now...join me?
Mary Ellen


My name is Richard Connor, and I am not just the director of the College Park location, but also the Arts and Music Therapy coordinator for Share the Care! Over the past year we have been working closely with Central Florida Community Arts (CFCArts) to develop a program of 250 arts-based activities for Adult Day Centers. Within those 250 are 50 activities each in Music, Dance, Drama, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts. Partnering with CFCArts provides their knowledge and expertise in the arts to our staff who know the Adult Day Care setting and of course our clients. With 250 activities, there is an opportunity to engage in the arts each day Share the Care is open.

Engagement in the arts has been shown to be so impactful to the lives of older adults. The use of creativity can spark things within every one of us we never thought possible. Music holds so many emotions and memories. If you are anything like me, dancing is the only way you'll exercise. Holding a paintbrush with an empty canvas means infinite possibilities. Drama allows us the opportunity to be that actor or actress we always wanted to be. Creative writing lets us express ourselves, and create beautiful poetry that lasts past a lifetime. While so many of us are intimidated by "the arts", working with CFCArts has brought it to a level where anyone can participate within the activity. I look forward to continuing seeing the meaningful impact the program has not only on Share the Care, but your loved ones as well.

Thank-you for the opportunity to provide the arts to the people you love the most.

Richard Connor III         
Share the Care clients creating art and dance
Adult Day Care Center Updates
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250 Days of the Arts at STC
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Respite for your loved one is available at the College Park Center during the meeting with advanced notice.
Share the Care Centers and the Office will be closed on January 20 in observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Thank you caregivers who attended the  Caregiver Cabinet  in Tallahassee on December 10. 
Your stories will help illustrate to lawmakers why caregiver respite funds are so important. 

Caregiver Cabinet Attendees

Host Representative David Smith

Caregivers with Sen. Simmons

Caregivers with Rep. Antone

The following poem was written by Share the Care clients as part of the 250 days of art program.

Thanksgiving is About

Giving thanks to the Lord
Giving thanks for your family
Eating, eating, eating

Giving thanks to the Lord
Getting family together
Eating, eating, eating 
Playing games with the kids

Getting family together
Being Thankful
Playing games with the kids
Eating the turkey

Being Thankful
Giving thanks for your family
Eating the turkey
Thanksgiving is about