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You can view webinar #1 by clicking this link:


Steps for Safety:

Preventing Workplace Violence: Overview and the Review of Step 3



Steps for Safety: Preventing Workplace Violence- Webinar #2- How to implement Step 1





Steps for Safety: Preventing Workplace Violence- Webinar #3-How to implement Step 2.




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Issue: #1       January/2015

Joint Occupational Health and Safety

Message From The Executive Director


We are kicking off the new year and hitting the ground running with lots of face to face training opportunities being planned. Check out our Self-Directed learning Centre as 3 new modules have been added: 

WHMIS, Staying Safe While Working in the Community and Stay at Work/Return to Work have been added.

A hot topic has been the OHS Regulations where there has been lots of questions and feedback from stakeholders to DLAE. While we are not sure what the final changes will be, we know that JOHS training is a fundamental requirement! Check out Heather's schedule for training  and we will keep you posted on any new developments.


We are excited that Step 4 of the Workplace Violence Prevention -Steps for Safety Program  has been completed and posted to our website. Step 5 is under development!


Winter seems to have settled in, so remember to be safe at work and while on the road road so your return home safe and sound!

JOHS Committee Proposed Legislation Q&A 

Q: How many training hours will be required?


A: As it stands right now, committee members will have to go through 21 hours of training, however, it is believed that this number will be reduced to 14 hours. For Safety Representatives, the number of hours stands at 7, but it is believed that will increase to 14 hours.


Q: How long do I have to got my members trained?


A: You will be given 90 days for all members to be completely trained. it is believed that this number will increase to 180 days. 


Q: Will previous training count towards the required hours?


A; Yes, if members are trained on the required topics they will not have to be re-trained after the legislation is released.


Q: What topics must be covered?




Overview of the Act and Legislation

Committee Roles and Functions

Hazard ID

Workplace Inspection

Incident Investigation

Effective Communication


Q: How often will the member need to be trained?


A: Members will be required to be trained every 5 years. New members will also require the training.




Aware-NS will be providing training on all of the proposed training topics.


To learn more, watch the following webinars:


Proposed Legislation DLAE


JOHS Committee Requirements



For helpful tips about your JOHS Committee please view the following link. 


JOHSC Tip Sheets 



Steps for Safety: Step 4
Take STEP 4 - A violent incident has occurred..... now what?

Nova Scotia's Violence in the Workplace Regulations stipulate that all incidents of workplace violence be documented and investigated. Since all workplaces have, or should have, an incident investigation procedure already in place, it should not be necessary to create a separate procedure to address incidents of workplace violence.

Workplace violence incidents need to be promptly investigated to determine their causes and the actions needed to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence. In addition, the Regulations require that any employees exposed to or affected by workplace violence be debriefed after each incident and be informed of the actions that have or will be taken to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence. Furthermore, all employees should be made aware when workplace violence incidents occur, the general nature of these incidents and the actions taken to help prevent their reoccurrence.

In Step 4, the requirements as prescribed by the Regulations are outlined. The Step 4 tool kit includes tools to help improve incident reporting and investigation, and to help identify the root causes of these incidents. Step 4 reviews the following elements that should be included when an incident of violence occurs:
1 Summon Immediate Assistance
2 Report Incident or Threat
3 Document the Incident
4 Investigate the Incident
5 Prepare for the Investigation
 6 Information Gathering
7 Conducting Interviews
8 Review and Analyze Evidence 9 Implement Corrective Action and Monitor Results

Step 4 provides some additional information to consider during incident investigations related to resident risk factors.



You can find all of the Step 4 tools by clicking the following link:

Steps for Safety: Step 4

No Fee Self- Directed Learning


AWARE-NS offers a no fee online training sessions. Sessions we currently have online are Safety Accountability, Internal Responsibility System (IRS) and Staying Safe While Working in the Community. NEW TO THE SITE, Aware-NS has recently added WHMIS and Stay at Work/Return to Work.


We offer each topic in the full 50 Minute training session as well as the  Mini Modules that are 10 minutes- 15 minutes in length.


You go to our website, watch the video, answer the question and complete the registration form and submit. AWARE-NS will send the certificate of completion to your organization. 




Aware-NS has designed pocket sized pamphlets to keep track of your self-directed learning. These pamphlets have a list of all the online training courses Aware-NS is offering. Once a mini module or full module has been completed, the worker can check off the box for easy tracking of completed courses!


These checklists are free of cost!


To receive your checklists please contact Kenzie Fraser at Please indicate how many checklists you'd like and the mailing address to send them to. Kenzie will also be able to answer any further questions you may have.




Click here to access the training modules


Coming Soon: