January 2017
Welcome 2017!
Way Back When
Thanks to Garrick Feldman (Leader Newspapers, Jacksonville, AR) for this memory:
Garrick tells us that when he accepted delivery of his first order of Web Press machinery back in December of 1989, it was freezing cold outside.  Not only was he taking a big risk, but he was wondering if he'd every make enough to pay the investment off.  The press was going into an old building with no heat in it, and he was concerned that the ink would be too cold to flow.  However, once they started the press up, the natural heat from the press kept everything warm enough, and they had no problems. 
5 additional orders and 3 Quad-Stacks later, they still depend on the reliability of WebPress machinery to keep them running.
Even Further Back
At the Museum of Printing in Haverhill, Massachusetts, "Visitors are either amazed by the old technology or remember how they worked with it." (According to Frank Romano, who serves as a member of the executive committee of The Friends of the Museum of Printing and has been involved since it was founded.)  

According to Romano, "The Museum of Printing has a 6,000 book library and thousands of ephemera examples. It also has the only collection of phototypesetting machines in the world, and houses 3,193 boxes with the original drawings for every typeface produced for the Linotype,"

Read more about the Museum in a Printing Impressions article we have stored in the "Worth Reading" section of our user group.
 And Now to the Present...
A report released in December from Nielson Scarborough shows that 51% of Newspapers Readers still prefer "hard copy" print versions: 
 Customers in Print
Robert Munford, General Manager of Pacific Publishing (Seattle) was given the opportunity to be a contributor to Editor & Publishers' "Looking back a 2016" article in the December issue. 
Robert mentioned a fact that we at WebPress hear all too frequently: "One of the most significant challenges has been a limited pool of experienced and trained staff in offset prepress and press related staffing positions. With all they hype on newspapers and printing industry woes and the digital revolution, we have had to beef up and expand our internal training a development of staff as we hire and from internal candidates..."  He goes on to talk about the ever present focus on digital printing in trade schools and lack of training in offset.
He goes on to mention "At least in our area, we have seen a "reach back" to traditional print...  We have begun to see a return to augmenting programs with print or leading with print and pushing responses to the print to digital."
The a link to the full article can be found in the "Worth Reading" section of our user group.
A word about our parent company... Happy 100!
Globe Machine Manufacturing Company is celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2017.  Of the 3500 businesses that registered with the State of Washington in 1917, only 17 still exist,  and Globe is the only industrial/manufacturing company.  (Quite an accomplishment!)  The company will be rebranding with the name changing to "Globe Solutions."  If Steph at the front desk picks up your phone call before we catch it here at the WebPress end, she may answer that way.  We just want you to know that you are still calling the right place!
Parting Thought
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
~ Henry Ford

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