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Utility Solutions Hot Stick - Measure

JUST ANNOUNCED: Our New BLUE STRIPE® Take-Apart Hot Stick now has a  Measuring Option. This is the industry's first round measuring stick with removable sections.  Unlike standard hot sticks, the BLUE STRIPE® Take-Apart Hot Stick features our patent pending interlocking channels which offer a stronger torque value. 

The BLUE STRIPE® Measuring Stick uses our advanced composite construction with epoxy resin and unique non-woven fiberglass to create a smooth, durable surface that resists water absorption.

We have added even more versatility by offering 35', 40' and 45' lengths with optional English or Metric measurements clearly printed alongside our patented BLUE STRIPE® feature.

This is the most versatile telescopic hot stick available. It can operate live-line equipment from the ground, a bucket and can now accurately perform infield measurements. 

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Lineman Inventor - Kevin
Best New Product @ Lineman's Rodeo

The  Tail Tamer™ Temporary Conductor Clamp was voted "Best of the Best" at the 2017 International Lineman's Rodeo Expo. 

T&D World highlighted the 10 Best New  Products at the 2017 Rodeo Expo held in October at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, KS. Readers then voted our new Tail Tamer™ Temporary Conductor Clamp the best.

"I never thought my idea would get this far ", says Kevin, the Ohio lineman who invented the Tail Tamer™. " I knew I had a good idea on how to better control conductor tails, and it's been great seeing the engineers at USI improve it so much". 

The Tail Tamer™ is the first of its kind. While most conductor clamps are installed permanently and require tools, the Tail Tamer™ operates like a temporary jumper head, and quickly installs by hand. This enables a single clamp to hold back loose ends and also create temporary connections, even in live line situations. 

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New Factory Reps

USI is pleased to welcome a new rep agency:

RN Utility Sales, Inc. operates in the Metro New York City area. They bring years of experience in electrical, industrial, transportation, construction, and safety product sales and service. Richard Sr. and Jr. along with staff are excited to join the USI team and look forward to growth in 2018.
2018 Trade Show Schedule

Utility Solutions Inc has a very busy Trade Show schedule planned for 2018. More than a dozen major events have been added so far and extend from  Tacoma, WA to Virginia Beach, VA and Tempe, AZ across to Myrtle Beach, SC.

"Trade Shows are a great way to connect with lineman", says Justin Roths of Utility Solutions, Inc. Justin is West Region Sales Manager and will attend several major shows this year. "Not only do we get to demo our products, we get to hear a lineman's perspective about some of the challenges they face first hand."   

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Utility Solutions has a fleet of tool demonstration trailers located across the United States and Canada.  These trailers provide an excellent opportunity to evaluate our tools and products in an interactive setting. 

They include our full Fiberglass Line, Rubber Goods, Overhead Tools and Products and an interactive Load Break demonstration. Additionally our XMFR Load Trainer Transformer Simulator is fully functional.

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