January 2018
January ~ "J" is for Joy!
This month we are all about carrying on with joy, joy, joy!

Live in wellness. Nourish your body.
Move more. Be mindful.
Sing! Dance!
Remember to BREATHE.
Read less news, and more novels.
Be Mindful. Enjoy life.

And... create JOY with all that you do!
HEALTH! 2022 Focus on
Functional Fitness
The first Sunday of `every January
The Philadelphia Inquirer
features the Health trend for the year...
2018 ~ Morning Stretches
2019 ~ Foot Rolling
2020~ Gut Biome Nutrition

ALL of these have been our practice at Pilates and More for 19 years!!! Congratulations for being on this healthy lifestyle train with us!

NOW...we encourage you to read the full feature article from January 2nd ~ and follow each week in January! Start now and own 2022!!!

January Spotlights:
Book: PRESENCE: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges
~ by Amy Cuddy

Resolving to Be Resilient in the chaos and fallout of the past few years' accumulated stresses has been beyond challenging for many.

Instead of taking on a grand spiritual quest or complete inner transformation ~ a nudge to ourselves in-the-moment may alter our mindset in our day-to-day lives.

What a concept! Bring on your best bold!


TIME for THYME! Interested in boosting your immune system??? Impart courage at the same time??? Yes! Thyme was given to knights and warriors before going into battle in the Middle Ages...AND a few drops placed under your pillow promotes peaceful sleep.

A trifecta of benefits to support us through the winter! Not to mention a delicious seasoning for warm winter comfort foods!

Come Spring...Thyme wards off insects!

Shop doTERRA:

Move: Get on the BALL by
Rolling Like a Ball

Invigorate your spine and abdominals with this seemingly easy move. Just 8 repetitions!

Start in the shape you see to the right. Balance just behind your sitz bones by engaging your lowest abdominals. INHALE to roll just to your shoulder blades ~ EXHALE and use your upper abs to smoothly bring you upright. The low abs put on the brakes to pause you at the original tipping point. Fab massage to your spine; wake up all the layers of your abs ~ and get your circulation moving!

Any shaky/shaky business that occurs during your initial attempts reveals the imbalance of the outer abs over the inner. By your 8th rep...it will be smooth moving!

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