by Emily Merchant
As we welcome in the new year and anticipate all that 2018 will bring, it is remarkable to realize that we are already about half way through our second year as a school. January is naturally a time for reflections and anticipations. 

I look back on all the wonderful beginnings from this year: so many students and teachers continuing on from last year and creating lovely, stable classroom communities; beautiful festivals for Courage, Harvest, a Lantern Walk, and Middle School Music Performance; a more settled feeling within the school; great work being done in our 3 Streams program with support circle meetings and 8th grade student leadership.

A highlight this year has been our weekly Friday morning assemblies where classes share what they are learning and we create school culture and social skills. As we gather together each week, I already sense how quickly out End of the Year All-School Assembly is approaching. 
We have so much learning to still do: songs to learn, reading to improve, mathematics skills to master, stories to listen to, and items to be knit. We also eagerly anticipate annual events, such as Grandparents’ Day, Spring Gala, May Faire, Pentathalon, Class Plays, Music and Eurythmy Showcases, and the Eighth Grade Advancement. 

The school year holds such an inherent rhythm that naturally moves us along as we grow and share together. Like the rhythm of life, we often notice the accomplishments and growth in the big moments: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, festivals, graduations, events -- the times when we pause and witness the vastness of what has developed. But, the actual growth happens in small, daily moments. 

As we start this new year, I hope to call all of our attention to the little moments and the daily work that makes the great, big moments possible. I want to celebrate the time when a child decodes a word, solves a math problem, masters a rhythmic movement, casts on more stitches, resolves a conflict with kindness, smiles, feels safe, and learns. It happens every single day. And, it occurs because of the tireless dedication of teachers, staff, and volunteers who attend to all the details that make this learning community a warm and engaging environment. The individual hours of planning, drawing, organizing, cooking, cleaning, worrying, loving, pondering, growing cannot even begin to be counted.

The greatest accomplishment of 2017: teachers prepared every day, social conflicts resolved, children happily learning, a building being well-cared for, parents donating time and resources, and an authentic community of acceptance, work, and understanding being created. Thanks to everyone for all the small moments and efforts that are building this great school. Here is to many more in 2018.