Water main breaks are fairly infrequent in the Township because the water distribution system is relatively “new”. That said, an 8 inch, cast iron fire line ruptured under 172nd Avenue, south of Hayes Street ( i.e., the Actoflex, Inc. facility at 14260 172nd Avenue ).

Because this fire line was installed in the early 1970’s and because the break in the fire line is located within the public right-of-way under 172nd Avenue and because there is no agreement regarding the maintenance responsibility for the fire line, the Township assumed the costs for the repair and replacement of this 8″ line from the main to the property line.

Further, because this 8″ fire line is cast iron ( which becomes more “brittle” with age), the entire fire line from the water main to the property line will need to be replaced. ( The Township no longer uses “cast iron” for any water mains – rather, our standards require cement lined, ductile iron water mains.)
The Township replaced a section of the 8″ line on January 10 th since the break was significant ( i.e., the entire diameter of the cast iron main separated) and to minimize further disruption in the Spring when another portion of the cast iron fire line will be replaced. 

The road has a temporary cold patch repair until the asphalt companies open this coming Spring.