Volume 6 | January 2018
Grand Knight’s Report
  Worthy Brother Knights:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families. May God continue to bless our families this 2018.

Many of us have a PACT with God;
  • We Petition for his intervention to help us 
  • We Adore God through our faith
  • We Confess our perceived inequities
  • We Thank God for the many blessing we receive.

This PACT with God was taught to me through religion classes at St. Raphael Catholic school and continues to be a prayer format that I hope you find useful this New Year.
If you are forming some New Year's Resolutions please consider the following;
  • Attend more council meetings, events or degree exemplifications
  • Volunteer for an event chairmanship and/or an officer position
  • Conduct an insurance review
  • Or just share your talent to help us improve.

I have a ritual at the close of a year: I pray that all my mistakes I have made in the last year (2017) will be building blocks to improve myself going into the next year (2018).

Thank you for your prayers and hard work!

pax vobiscum,

  Business Meeting Highlights
Treasurer Report

Treasurer PGK Tom Marasco reported:
  • $11,123,24 is in the checking account, of which:
  • $733.23 is in the Paterka fund

Financial Secretary's Report

The Financial Secretary, PGK Jim McHugh was not present, so no report was given. Membership from the previous month is:
  • 274 Knights
  • 161 associated
  • 91 insured
  • 22 Inactive
Programs Report
Deputy Grand Knight, Thaddeus Ugha reported:

  • Monastery items sale is now complete. Final inventory to be taken and proceeds as well as returned goods to be taken to the Monastery.
  • Christmas cards proceeds are deposited in Council account
  • Breakfast with Santa. 92 adults and 105 children had pictures taken with Santa. Photos are posted on website. Turnout was hampered by inclement weather. School staff and administration members provided valuable help. 
  • Jan 7 is next breakfast. Beneficiary is RCIA ministry.
  • Jan 20 is Steak dinner. Ken Fehner is event chairman and has been recruiting help.
Good of the Order
In last month's business meeting, the following items were included in the Good of the Order:

  • BK Bob Lind was selected for the attendance raffle and was present! Bob received $100.
  Recognizing Knights  
GK Mark Davis Recognized the following Knights:

  • The Knight of the Month was awarded to BK Ralph Oshinski.
  • Family of the Month was awarded to PGK Jim Ollick and wife Marian.
Unfinished Business from December Meeting
  • Tabled motion regarding updates to administration of Roger Peterka fund was brought up for discussion. Considerable discussion on a number of procedural issues as well as the classification of Peterka fund. Also, a side issue of how should monies be put into the fund. 
  • Question was called and motion approved.  
  • What is status of Badges for Past Grand Knights? 
  • Financial Secretary is collecting information in order to minimize expense by placing a single order to meet all the needed badges.
  • What is the status of the “Keep Christ in Christmas” signs? 
  • Not arrived and no update.
  • Motion was made to revoke the approved motion to dissolve the GKC made at the November GKC meeting. Considerable discussion. 
  • Question was called. Tally of yea’s and nay’s. 9 for revocation, 14 against. Motion was defeated. 
Council 7923 Officers

Fr. Sunny Punnaknziyil 770-923-6633
Deacon Mike Hayward 678-787-1972 (Assistant)

Grand Knight
GK Mark Davis 770-313-8068

Deputy Grand Knight
DGK Thaddeus Ugha 404-456-5086

BK Harvey James 770-235-6686

BK Ben McCormack 678-597-8142

PGK Tom Marasco 770-978-1207

BK Leon Urban 404-277-3120

BK Ted Asher 678-296-6192

Financial Secretary
PGK Jim McHugh 678-925-5811

Inside Guard
BK Jerry Demerly 404-510-1616

Outside Guard
BK Alex Naumis 404-556-1683

BK David Werve - 678-983-6397
PGK Houston Feaster - 404-456-9678

1st Year Trustee
PGK Bruce Rago 770-270-0003

2nd Year Trustee
PGK Dominick Druda 678-510-3950

3rd Year Trustee
PGK Ed Reyes 770-280-5913

District Deputy
DD Mike Basak 404-218-8987

Insurance Field Agent
BK Nicholas Shaw 404-520-8371
Happy Birthday Knights

Morris Facchini 1/2
Brian W. Hanley 1/4
Bernard DiMarco 1/9
Norman Johnson 1/10
Daniel Cassandra 1/10
Scott Martin 1/11
Edward J. Dantzer 1/13
Virgil Ponzoli 1/15
Randy L. McCormack 1/18
Robert Stoakley 1/20
James Taylor 1/20
Thomas M. Studer 1/20
Paul T Klepac 1/21
Louis C. Branchetti, Jr 1/23
Kevin A. Prevost 1/26
Brian Gay 1/28
Gary P. Innarelli 1/30
Robert J. Delaney 1/31
Houston J. Feaster 1/31

Joke of the Month

At St. Peter's Catholic Church in Toronto , they have weekly husband's marriage seminars.
At the session last week, the priest asked Giuseppe, who said he was approaching his 50th wedding anniversary, to take a few minutes and share some insight into how he had managed to stay married to the same woman all these years.

Giuseppe replied to the assembled husbands, "Wella, I'va tried to treat her nicea, spenda da money on her, but besta of all is, I tooka her to Italy for the 25th anniversary!"

The priest responded, "Giuseppe, you are an amazing inspiration to all the husbands here! Please tell us what you are planning for your wife for your 50th anniversary?"

Giuseppe proudly replied, " I gonna go pick her up."
Upcoming Council Events

January 7th @ Reynold's Hall - Monthly Breakfast - 8:30am - 1:00pm

January 8th @ Neumann Center - Officer/Planning Meeting - 7:00pm

January 15th @ Neumann Center - Business Meeting - Rosary - 6:30pm, Meeting - 7:00pm

January 20th @ SJNRCS Gym - Free Throw Contest - 5:00pm

January 20th @ Reynold's Hall - Steak Dinner - 5:30pm - 8:00pm

January 21st @ SJN - Knight's Mass - Rosary - 8:00am, Mass - 8:30am

January 22nd @ Neumann Center - First Degree & Social Meeting - 8:00pm

January 29th @ Neumann Center - Social Meeting - 7:00pm

Knights in Action

Council Knights presenting Fr. Sunny with check for $912.84 to SJN Preschool from proceeds of the December family breakfast
Helpers from SJN Preschool at the December Family Breakfast
BK's Harry Holmes and Bill Manning man the recruitment desk
BK Terry McWhirt works the Holy Spirit Monastery baked goods table
Friar Luis Palacios with GK Mark Davis, DGK Thaddeus Ugha and PGK Jim McHugh
Don't forget about the Steak Dinner on January 20th 5:30pm - 8pm at Reynold's Hall
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