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Webinar - Problem POs and Disputed Invoices

Join us on January 26th at 10 AM CST for our
webinar where we will be covering Problem
POs and Disputed Invoices!

Manufacturer Connectivity
Early on, one design objective for OASIS was connectivity between manufacturers and their agents . Click the link below to see who we have connectivity with!

If you have any questions, please email us at or call our Support
Desk at (501) 843-6750.

Monthly Maintenance
Ingen Software has monthly planned maintenance windows. These take place on the Saturday after the monthly production release, which is generally the first Tuesday of the month, during the hours of 8:00 AM Central through 8:00 PM Central. During these maintenance windows, operating system updates and patches will be applied to our Windows and Red Hat Linux servers, firewalls, and switches as necessary. Therapeutic reboots of virtualization hosts may also be performed. Temporary outages can be expected during these planned maintenance windows. 

This month's maintenance window is:


Next planned maintenance window:
2/5/22, 3/5/22, 4/9/22, 5/7/22, 6/11/22, 7/9/22, 8/6/22, 9/10/22, 10/8/22, 11/12/22, 12/10/22
Customer Story
We spent about an hour and a half trying to figure out why OASIS would connect on the server but not on any of the clients. My first thought was that it was a network issue. We went through all the basic troubleshooting steps: pinging the server, turning off and on the firewall and antivirus, etc.
We eventually figured out that the network and server had been restarted the night before. The server acted as the OASIS host, domain controller, and router according to IT. So, we had IT do an ipconfig on the server to determine if the IP address was still the same and we saw a small notation to the right of the IP address.
The Windows event viewer showed that there was a TCPIP conflict. The details stated a device was using the same IP address as the server. It displayed the Mac address. While IT was working on setting up the rules and reserves, we did a Mac lookup. The address was registered to a company that manufactured cheap cell phones and tablets.
IT began asking everyone who had personal devices connected to the Wi-Fi. It turned out that an employee had left their tablet in the office connected to the Wi-Fi and it was using the same IP address as the server.
We blocked the Mac, refreshed the router, and restarted the NIC on the server, then it worked!
Basically, when the network restarted, the tablet grabbed the same address as the server’s static address before the server was back online.

Moral of the story:
Do not allow unknown devices on your private network.
Win/ Loss Tiles
The Win/ Loss Tile functions to track overall hit rate of a company, a single customer, or other criteria based on quote status. This tile also uses a trend arrow to show if the hit rate is increasing or decreasing compared to the previous set time period. 

Two Factor Authentication
O4 allows users to set up two factor authentication. Once enabled, a user will be asked to provide a confirmation code each time they log in. If they remain signed in for more than 30 days, the confirmation code will expire and the user will be signed out, requiring a new confirmation code to be entered. Confirmation codes will be sent to the user's email address that is set up in their user editor.
Setting Up Two Factor Authentication
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