January 14, 2016
PACE Client Question
Do CareKinesis decision-support systems pick up the "new" drug interaction
between an oral hypoglycemic (sulfonylurea) and warfarin?

Yes! In fact, many pharmacists have known about this interaction, which was brought to the attention of a larger clinical audience via last month's British Medical Journal article . Increased risk of symptomatic hypo-glycemia is som etimes seen when warfarin is added to a patient's diabetes drug profile (that includes a sulfonylurea).  

In EireneRx, clinicians are alerted that both drugs are substrates of the CYP2C9 drug metabolizing enzyme. Because warfarin has the higher affinity for the enzyme, warfarin thus delays the elimination of the diabetes treatment, possibly increasing the effects and risks. The extent of interaction seen in a  particular patient will depend on drug doses, order of administration of the drugs, and time-of-day dosing.
When CareKinesis encounters initiation  of warfarin therapy for a patient with diabetes, we alert PACE clinicians to monitor for signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and we communicate about what to do if those symptoms should occur.  Click here for the full article.
Quote of the Month
"Throughout our partnership, CareKinesis pharmacy services
have really kept up with the needs of PACE; so, thank you!"

 - Rengena Chan-Ting, DO, CMD, FACOI 
   Medical Director for Life at Lourdes

CK Clients' Opinions
CareKinesis conducted our annual client satisfaction survey in November/December 2015. We received a total of 121 responses, and are excited about the feedback! Some of our favorite responses to "What is the primary benefit you have received from CareKinesis" include: 
  • "All of it!"
  • "Close relationships with CK staff"
  • "The excellent customer service"
  • "Personal service, easy access to MY pharmacists"
  • "Continuity (always having the same person to talk with each time I call), timeliness, EireneRx, having [my Client Liaison] as a resource..."
And 96% of respondents (n=110) would refer CK to another PACE organization. Thanks to all who participated - we look forward to resolving your suggestions for improvement and further delighting you with excellent services in 2016! 
Clinical Education: Learn@TabulaRasaHealthCare
In 2016, CareKinesis clients will enjoy even more clinical education opportunities, offered through the corporate university of TRHC, our parent company. 

In-depth geriatric medication management webinars will be made available for clients to view anywhere, anytime, on any device. Webinars on pharmaco-kinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics will also be available to those who are interested. Stay tuned for more information about topics and CE opportunities!
CMS - Medicare Drug Spend Dashboard
(from CMS) As part of its effort to provide additional information, increase transparency, and address the affordability of prescription drugs, CMS is releasing a new online dashboard to look at Medicare prescription drugs for both Part B and Part D. These categories include drugs with high spending on a per user basis, high spending for the program overall, and those with high unit cost increases in recent years. Click here to access the Medicare Drug Spending Dashboard.
Tips for a Healthy Winter Season!
With shorter days and colder temperatures, some participants may feel sadness, loneliness, and even anger.  Colder, darker days can negatively impact eating habits, sleeping habits, and energy levels. Low serotonin levels can lead to cravings for "comfort foods," which are often high in carbohydrates and sugar. But, while these foods do raise serotonin levels in the short-term, they also can cause weight gain and "crashes." 

Instead, try explaining to participants that longer-term proper nutrition has shown to raise serotonin levels and energy levels. Additionally, exposure to natural sunlight, engaging in movement activities, and socialization can help thwart those winter blues.  Check out this WJS article for more ideas!
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Happy Winter!