January, 2019
Pipeline Newsletter
I would like to start off my first letter to the membership on a personal level. I want to take time to thank all those who have helped to get me ready for this responsibility, talk about my vision for SUCA over the next two years, and my personal thoughts and feelings to set the tone for my tenure.
First, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to several individuals. I would feel remiss if I don’t mention two of my work mentors and leaders. Larry Falls (CEO and Founder ACP) and John Bethards (President ACP) have trained and guided me in this industry. Giving me the tools and freedom to be successful not only for the company but for myself as an individual. Through their leadership I have excelled in my field and through their strong commitment to SUCA have given me the support to grow in the organization. I love them as family and most importantly I look up to them as mentors. Thank you both for all you have done for me and SUCA. Next, I want to thank Penny Danielecki our distinguished past Chairman. She led with a calm and clear communication. She has taught me through her experience a more financial role and knowledge I never possessed before. She has been a great example to guide me through the next few years. Bill Bocchino who I’ve known for years has become a strong influence in my life. He has had many years in NUCA and has volunteered in every position from local to national levels. Once he joined SUCA he guided me through that experience, and I have embraced his wisdom. He has gone from customer to mentor to friend. And last, I want to thank the SUCA board. You individuals dedicate your personal time to the organization and industry. You are all truly heroes of construction. All of you have families, jobs, and hobbies but you selflessly still find time to better the industry through SUCA.
My vision is simple. Carry the legacy of the great men and women who have formed, guided, shaped, and loved our organization. Next help open communication through technology to relieve burden from the members so they can be involved but not over whelmed. A good example is if any member goes to our website and subscribes to the SUCA calendar they will have a current and continually updated calendar to make it easier to plan and attend events. The final goal is to encourage membership to get involved. SUCA is on the forefront of political issues that affect our industry on the local, state, and national levels. Having the voice of our members would be more beneficial to make a difference for the industry.

In conclusion, thank you to all that selflessly donate their time and money to SUCA to better the industry. Please attend our next function, I would love to discuss personally with you what we have accomplished, and what we are planning, to show you the value we bring to your team and companies.

-Tim Carmichael

Annual Holiday Installation Banquet

December 14, 2018 - The Installation Banquet was a huge success filling the room with over 150 Members and their significant others. All enjoyed the beautiful holiday decor, music, dinner and laughter that filled the room. Congratulations to our 2018 Award Winners to include Chris Wilhelm, MWI Pumps reception of the Associates Award, Don Campbell, RIPA & Associates, the Contractors Award and the ever prestigious Chairman's Award was presented to Ben Larsen, Technical Sales Corporation. All were very deserving of this recognition and we are truly grateful to have you as such an integral part of our Association.

We were joined by Bill Hillman, NUCA CEO and Jeff Rumer, NUCA Past President. We appreciate both taking time out of their schedules to travel to Florida for this special night. Bill gave an update from National and installed our 2019 Board of Directors. We wish our Board the best as well as our new Chairman, Tim Carmichael. We know you will represent SUCA well.

The excitement continued as we pulled our two $500 Cash Prize Raffle Winners. Congratulations to Bill Cassels, NTS and Tim Carmichael, ACP on winning!

Thank you to all who donated to our Annual Holiday Pledge. This year we supported one of our own members that had a fatal construction accident. We raised over $5,000 for the family. This is truly a testament to our membership and how much we care for one another.
Welcome 2019 Board of Directors
Join us for our February Membership Meeting

Iavarone's Steakhouse & Italian Grill
3617 W Humphrey St., Tampa, FL 33614

Thursday, February 7, 2019
6:00 PM Cocktails
6:30 PM Dinner & Presentation
$45 per guest, late cancellations will be charged

Guest Speaker: John Lyons & James Hudock

Topic: Hillsborough Capital Improvement Projects 2019

STC, Inc.
Ben Rice
PO Box 588
Lithia, FL 33547
PH: 813-737-5543
Jeff Zawada
1285 Lucerne Loop NE
Winter Haven, FL 33881
PH: 863-401-6800
Everglades Equipment Group
Jared DeLancey
138 Professional Way
Wellington, FL 33414
PH: 561-396-7256
Hydrograss Technologies
Bob Arello
1551 Global Ct.
Sarasota, FL 34240
PH: 941-377-3114
Nextran Truck Centers
Brent Burkett
7810 Adamo Dr.
Tampa, FL 33619
PH: 813-626-7141
Pinellas County
Aubri Shauger-Haley
13805 58th St. N.
Clearwater, FL 33760
PH: 727-453-7132
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Tampa Bay Construction Career Days
The TBCCD Committee has been hard at work planning their 2019 event. We need industry support! Please consider getting involved by volunteering, sponsoring or hosting a learning lab at this amazing event. Check out the video below from last year's event.

SUCA Members are eligible for the Construction Angels Scholarship Program. Click button below for information.
Meet Your Board Member
Thomas Butler, Burgess Civil
1. Briefly tell us about your professional background.

I began working in this industry roughly 14 years ago. I started with a small construction company as an estimator, but I wore many other hats. I also did project management, some HR/payroll, learned to shoot grades and perform layout, worked on pipe crews, earthwork crews and concrete crews. It was a great place to start as I learned a little bit about all the different aspects of the work.

2. How long have you lived in Florida?

I moved to Florida in July of 1997. I moved here from New Mexico in order to continue my college education (mathematics).

3. What are your hobbies or interest outside of work?

About 2 years ago I bought my first Harley Davidson. I now own a second. Riding on my time off is great for clearing the mind. I also enjoy fishing, golf and cheering on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

4. Grill master or reservations?

I really enjoy a nice meal at a great restaurant. I’ll then use that as inspiration to recreate that meal at home. 

5. What is your favorite travel location?

Every summer I try to make a trip to northern Ontario. The weather is fantastic, and there is practically zero cell phone coverage. Can’t help but relax and recharge in those conditions. In August I’ll be making the trip to the Sturgis Bike Rally (in South Dakota), so my “favorite” might be changing soon.

6. What is the secret to your success?

I try to be very good at what I do. And I try to have contacts who are very good at what they do. I lean on them and they lean on me, so we can both achieve success. My goal is to be the guy whose name is first to pop into your mind if you have a sitework question.

7. Do you have any “guilty pleasure” TV Shows?

Absolutely. I just finished watching, for the 4 th or 5 th time, West Wing. Newsroom is a close second. Love the drama & dialogue in both shows.

 8. Tell us about the services your company provides.

Burgess Civil performs sitework for single & multi-family residential projects, commercial projects and some municipal work. That alone makes Burgess Civil sound like many other companies in Tampa Bay. What differentiates us is our willingness to go above & beyond for the client to ensure they have the best value (not the lowest price).  

9. What is your favorite sports teams?

Tampa Bay Lightning. I am a huge hockey fan. I’m not a big fan of any of the other “major” sports. I’d rather watch minor or college hockey over pro football, baseball or basketball.

10. What was the first car you drove?

The first car I drove was an Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. The first car I drove legally was a Mazda 626. (I’m pretty sure the statue of limitations has passed.)

11. What do you find to be the best benefit of being a SUCA member?

There are too many benefits to list one as the “best”. I love the camaraderie of competitors putting aside their differences for the betterment of the industry. I have made some great friends through SUCA. And, I have been humbled by high school students applying for a SUCA scholarship.  
SUNSHINE 811 Practical Solutions for Safe Digging
FREE - includes lunch & door prizes
 Safe Digging Workshop & Roundtable
January 31, 2019

***Deadline to Register: January 28***
Venice Community Center |  326 S. Nokomis Ave. |  Venice FL 34285
  • Registration begins at 11 a.m.
  • Lunch begins at 11:30 a.m.
  • Program begins at noon with interactive education on white lining, positive response, developing locate descriptions that are understandable, and tips for getting locators to work with you. 
  • Roundtable begins at 1 p.m. with discussion on issues with any part of the 811 process. With the focus on solutions, you'll work with utilities, locators, excavators and others to discuss and work through the those issues identified.
  • To better prepare for the Roundtable, please submit any issues you have with the 811 process here

NUCA Political Insiders Report 1/4/2019

Government Shutdown Continues, Overshadows Other Legislation

  • The federal government entered a partial shutdown after lawmakers failed to reach a funding agreement.
  • The impacts of this shutdown will grow as it drags on and there is no clear path to a resolution at this time.
  • Congress did enact a Farm Bill reauthorization before the end of the year, but this news has been overshadowed by the shutdown.

In Washington, 2018 wrapped up in a way that highlighted the dysfunctional side of our government. After failing to reach a spending agreement by December 21 st, Congress went home as about one quarter of the government remained shut down. While Congress did pass some important legislation at the end of the year, this has been overshadowed by the shutdown. This Political Insiders will review the current funding impasse as well as legislation that Congress passed before the end of the year.

Government Shutdown – As of today, the federal government is in day 14 of a partial shutdown. Congress and the White House have been unable to reach a deal because of a disagreement over border wall funding. President Trump has insisted that any funding package must include $5 billion for a border wall, and Democrats have flat out rejected this. Since the shutdown began, it seems that both sides have become even more dug in to their positions.

Now that Democrats have control of the House, the dynamics have changed. On Thursday, January 3 rd, Speaker Pelosi and Democrats passed a spending package that funded all agencies, except for Homeland Security, through the end of the fiscal year on September 30 th. The Department of Homeland Security would be temporarily funded through February 8 th. This puts the onus on the Senate, where Republicans there will have to decide whether they want to keep pushing for border funding. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that the chamber won’t take up any legislation the President wouldn’t sign, and so at this point, it’s unclear how the impasse will be resolved.
So far, the impacts of the shutdown have been relatively muted. This is in part because Congress has enacted funding for about 75% of the government, including the Department of Defense and health agencies. For the remaining agencies, some of them have used left over money from previous years to keep running. Additionally, the shutdown has mostly taken place over the holidays, when many employees are already out taking vacation.

For our industry, some of our biggest priorities should remain unaffected for the time being. Projects funded through the State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs should continue since states should have received their capitalization grants for this year and the funds are managed by state agencies. Furthermore, projects funded through the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) should also continue, since this funding is provided through a separate funding source.
With that said, we can expect to see greater impacts as the shutdown continues. For programs that are managed directly by the federal government, such as the WIFIA loan program and USDA’s grants and loans, we may see that these agencies are not able to initiate new business until the shutdown is over. The shutdown will also impact the IRS, potentially requiring them to delay the start of the filing season and issuing tax returns.

Farm Bill Reauthorization – Prior to the shutdown, Congress passed, and the President signed into law, a Farm Bill reauthorization. Specific to our interests, this bill included provisions that will help make improvements to water infrastructure in small and rural communities. For one, the legislation provides additional technical assistance to communities that are facing challenges with the management of their water systems.
The bill also doubled the amount of financing that an entity can receive under the Department of Agriculture’s Revolving Funds for Financing Water and Wastewater Projects program from $100,000 to $200,000. While the bill lowered the overall authorized funding level for the program, this new level is still above what Congress has actually appropriated in recent years. This program is separate from UDSA’s other loan and grant programs, which provide billions of dollars in assistance for water infrastructure.
As the 116 th Congress gets underway, we will make sure to keep you up to date on the shutdown and other legislative developments through Political Insiders.
Bryce Mongeon
Director of Government Relations
NUCA--Representing Utility & Excavation Contractors
bryce@nuca.com | www.nuca.com | 703.358.9300