From now until Feb. 14, all veterans, their family members, caregivers and advocates are invited to take the online survey and share their insights on the quality and availability of veteran-serving programs in their community.
America's Warrior Partnership Recognized as Non-Profit on Fire and Jim Lorraine Joins HillVets 100 of 2019
Jim Lorraine was recognized alongside 100 of the nation’s most impactful service members, veterans and advocates within the category of Non-Profits on Fire ! This honor is bestowed on individuals who understand the importance of building a strong community and recognize the constant challenges that many veterans and their families face. As such, they have dedicated their life’s work to ensuring that they bring positive and impactful change to those around them, as well as offering relevant opportunities for veterans to find a way to continue their call to serve.

America’s Warrior Partnership Helps Close Resource Gaps for Veterans VA Blog
“Community organizations have a comprehensive understanding of the unique factors impacting the lives of local Veterans,” said Jim Lorraine, president and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership. “However, these organizations may lack the in-house or local resources they need to address those challenges. Our programs close the gaps between national resources and local Veterans, and our partnership with the VA is expanding the reach of this mission to more communities nationwide.”

America's Warrior Partnership on Coffee with America
Fayetteville Roundtable to Discuss Roadmap for Creating Holistic Support Programs for Local Military Veterans NewsWire
Biscuitville Fresh Southern participated in Patriot’s Pour last year and their proceeds funded an educational event for Fayetteville’s veteran-serving professionals.

Operation Deep Dive: Nationwide Study on Veteran Suicide Spectrum News (Syracuse)
"To really focus on the characterization, who is the veteran in Syracuse and in the counties around Syracuse that's most likely to take their lives so they can create community-focused prevention efforts,” - Jim Lorraine, America's Warrior Partnership President and CEO.

E mpowering Veterans With Meaningful Access to Benefits Homeland Magazine
The first step to improving the quality of life of military veterans and their families is to empower them with the option to utilize existing resources. We must ensure veterans have a streamlined method to apply for and access their earned benefits. Some veterans encounter unique difficulties in enrolling for benefits, such as living in impoverished or rural areas with limited resources. Most often, the issue is not a lack of will on the part of the veteran, but a lack of opportunity within the community.