SCCA-NNJR - January Region Update
Region Executive Update - 2021 was an eventful year. The Region was very busy, we conducted 10 Solo events with over 1,000 entries including hosting the SCCA Champ Tour at the Meadowlands in May. NNJR's Solo events are among the most active in the Division. We returned to Pocono for the Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Majors and conducted 6 RoadRallies including returning to the SCCA National Course RoadRally series after 29 years with the New Jersey Monte in honor of Dave Panas. In addition, we conducted our 31st Annual Teddy Bear rally which over the years we have raised almost $30,000 for the Toys for Tots program. Once again for the second year in a row NNJR had the most active RoadRally program in the country.

For those that do not follow events at SCCA National, there was a change at the National Board of Directors for Area 1. NNJR's member Bob Dowie who has represented Area 1 (New England Region, New York Region and NNJR) is stepping down from his second term, due to required term limits and I will be replacing him as Area 1 Director. The term of the position is three years and there is a two-term limit. Whether I can make it the full six years, only time can tell. The Region would like to thank Bob for his six years of service on the Board of Directors and years of service on the Club Racing Board.

At the December Board of Trustee (BOT) Meeting the 2022 Board members were confirmed since the individuals running for the four open positions ran unopposed. Listed below is the full list of the elected positions, those that are highlighted have just started their two-year term. The remaining positions are on their second year of their two-year term.

Region Executive: Peter Schneider
Assistant RE: Mark Labbancz
Treasurer: Jason Evangelista
Trustee: Chris Mosley
Trustee: Jeff Yatsko
Trustee: Perry Aidelbaum  
Trustee: Linda Santangelo-Mosley

In addition, at the December BOT two annual awards were discussed and agreed upon. The Walter Huber Scholarship and The Vinny Blancuzzi Award. For those that do not know the Walter Huber Scholarship is a $500.00 grant presented in memory of Walter to a NNJR member attending their first Solo Nationals, National Runoffs, United States Road Rally Challenge or like events in the other Specialties. The Vinny Blancuzzi Award is presented to a region member to recognize the time and effort it takes to make the Region work above and beyond the normal effort.

The recipient of the Walter Huber Scholarship fund is listed below, we will announce the individual that received the Vinny Blancuzzi Award in February.

2022 is shaping up to be an interesting year. While we are unable to host the 2022 Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Majors this year due to a scheduling conflict with the Watkins Glen International SuperTour, we will have a full schedule of Solo and RoadRally events available to our membership and friends. Confirmed dates for schedules are listed below.

I hope to see you at one of our events in the next twelve months.

Regards and Happy New Year

Peter Schneider
Due to the current Covid-19 surge and limited response to our survey last month the 2022 Region Social will not be conducted on February 27th. Hopefully we will be able to schedule something in the spring.
2021 recipient of the Walter Huber 'Scholarship Fund'
The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that William Petrow has been named the 2021 recipient of the Walter Huber 'Scholarship Fund', which was designed to provide financial support for 1st time entry or volunteers to "year-end" National level events.
William Petrow has been a long time NNJR member on and off since 2001 but has in recent years been a regular competitor in many of our local autocross events, as well as a regular on the ProSolo tour and National Tour events including Solo Nationals Finale in Nebraska since 2017. He has been running in BS, AS, SS and SSR in a BMW M2, Porsche Cayman 718 and Cayman GT4. He has also competed in a number of TSD rallies over the years including the old famed Pine Barrens Express.
Recently William has become our region chairman for the Rallycross / Rallysprint program. New Jersey has never had this program before and he has been hard at work to find a venue for us to run. Read More
December 5th - RoadRally
Results and Event Update
December 5, 2021 marked the 31st annual ‘Toys for Tots’ Teddy Bear Road Rally, hosted by Northern New Jersey Region of the SCCA and Motorsport Club of North Jersey. This year’s sponsor and the sponsor for the past nine years was Route 46 Subaru/Subaru World Hackettstown.

Forty-one (41) teams competed on this year’s event, and it looks like the event was a little harder than anticipated because only one team ran the rally ‘clean’, everyone fell for at least one of the three planned route following traps.

The NNJR-SCCA/MCNJ’s ‘Toys for Tots’ Teddy Bear Rally is the longest running charity rally associated with SCCA and the longest running event hosted by Northern New Jersey Region and the second longest rally conducted SCCA with the same event organizer (Ted Goddard organized the New England Region’s Cover Bridge Rally for forty-nine years). Since 1990 NNJR-SCCA/MCNJ has collected thousands of toys with an estimated value of $30,000. We hope to continue the event for many years to come. Read More

Electronic Annual Waivers
SCCA Members can now keep their membership cards on their phones and sign the annual waiver digitally. Both can be found at, the same location members can go to renew their annual SCCA membership and more online!

Digital membership cards are now accepted at all SCCA events as proof of membership, and contain the same look and information as the plastic cards many of us currently carry everywhere. Read More
Save the Date! February 26, 2022
The NEDiv Board has announced a virtual meeting on February 26th. Additional details to follow but will include NEDiv Awards and specialty workshops.
Registration is open for the
2022 National Virtual Convention!

For more details follow click: Here
2022 Solo Spring Schedule
April 3          Sunday     Lot J
April 16        Saturday     Lot L
April 30       Saturday     TBD*
May 1          Sunday        Lot J
May 14        Saturday      Lot L
May 20/22   Weekend     Tire Rack Pro Solo

* Pending based on NFL draft events (Lot L or Lot J)
2022 RoadRally Schedule
March 27    Sunday       Spring Highland Trek
April 24       Sunday       Second Hand Roads – TSD
TBD            Sunday       Back to School – GTA
Oct 8/9       Sat/Sun       NJ National RoadRally Weekend* Oct 23         Sunday        Fall Highland Trek
Dec 4          Sunday        32nd Teddy Bear Rally - GTA
* Oct 8 - Roads of Home - TSD Tour Rally / Oct 9 - New Jersey Monte TSD Course Rally