January 2023

Happy New Year!

2023 brings us a new year full of new opportunities. From Technician of the Year, Channel Partner Manufacturer Training, Scholarships, and More, you won't want to miss out on these Certified Service Center offerings.

Nominations for the 2023 Technician of the Year

Qualifications: ASE Certified Technician & Certified Service Center Member

How to get involved: Contact your parts distributor and nominate yourself or a fellow technician today.

Auto Value & Bumper to Bumper are proud sponsors of MotorWeek... and guess what... as an Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper Certified Service Center that includes YOU too! Find your local PBS station here, tune in on social platforms such as YouTube , or visit MotorWeek.org for the latest episodes.

Standard Motor Products and the Standard Pro Training Team Offers free, virtual Power Hour sessions.

Register for the 2023 classes HERE.

Upcoming Classes include: Heater Core Best Practices, Servicing VVT Systems, Active Grille Shutters, A/C Best Practices, and More!


2023 Scholarships Due in March

Do you have employees or children furthering their education in the automotive aftermarket? Auto Value & Bumper to Bumper is once again sponsoring a handful of students for 2023. Scholarship applications are open now until March 31,2023. Apply HERE

Contact marketing@alliance1.com with any questions!

EV Landscape Concerns - The Buzz EV News

With the whole EV landscape getting an adoption boost courtesy of government incentives, will it be enough to curb concerns related to EV range, cost, and recycling?

Beware of Manipulating Marketing Companies

Unfortunately, there are far too many "businesses" in the marketing industry that use fear and misleading tactics to get the attention of small business owners. Be on the lookout and keep your business safe after reading this Repair Shop Advice from our partners at Repair Shop Websites.

Cintas Program Offerings

Keep your business clean, stocked, and safer with the help of our Certified Service Center partners, Cintas.

For more information click HERE.

Maintenance IQ: Plastic Drain Plugs

It's recommended that the drain plug is replaced every oil change, which makes sense with oil changes now going 7,000 or 10,000 miles. With this, you’re going to make sure that the customer’s vehicle is sealed until the next oil change. 

Tech IQ: Window System Diagnostics

How do you diagnose issues with windows? Is the issue related to the motor, regulator, or even the clips inside the window? Tune into this tech IQ to refresh on how to diagnose the entire system.

Best Practices for Working with Schools

How are you attracting students, apprentices, and young graduates from local high schools and trade schools? How can we help attract students and educate them about the industry?

Register below to join this WrenchWay webinar on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 1pm CT to learn more.

Register Here

POP QUIZ: A torque converter's stator:

A) Should spin freely in both directions.

B) Spins freely until the torque converter reaches its coupling phase.

C) Is fastened to the impeller.

D) Has a one-way clutch that allows the stator to spin freely in one direction but keeps it from rotating in the other.

View the answer. View explanation.

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