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US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments in the FL. vs. GA case on January 8.  T he Justices will determine whether to modify or uphold the decision made by the   Special Master earlier this year.  

In his February 2017 legal summary, Special Master, Ralph Lancaster (appointed by the court) included the following: "The facts presented at trial demonstrate the gravity of the dispute between Florida and Georgia. As the evidentiary hearing made clear, Florida points to real harm and, at the very least, likely misuse of resources by Georgia. There is little question that Florida has suffered harm from decreased flows in the River." While Florida was not granted the water relief that was sought after the month-long trial, the full Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in consideration of the legal case.  A ruling is expected later this year.

Equitable sharing of the water is possible and we hope that the justices' decision will set us on that path.

Oil Drilling in Calhoun County

There is another important Planning Commission meeting in Calhoun County on Tuesday, January 9, 5 pm CT.  Calhoun County residents can express their concerns to their county commissioners today with calls/emails and/or at the hearing. The County could pass a comp plan change to agriculture land, opening much of Calhoun to oil drilling.  Potential accidents or oil spills could threaten  wetlands, critical habitats and endanger drinking water supply. 

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Save the Date, Member Gathering April 7

As you know, Dan Tonsmeire will be retiring in 2018. Dan has served as the Apalachicola Riverkeeper since 2004 . Dan Tonsmeire and Georgia Ackerman continue  work together as she gets up to speed in her new role as Executive Director-Riverkeeper. 

Yes! We will have a send off party to thank Dan for all his work, during our annual Member Meeting on April 7 in Apalachicola. May we  suggest renewing your membership today. 

Just Look What We Did in 2017 with your generous membership contributions. 
We are headed into 2018 fired up and will continue the essential work you expect in effort to protect and restore Apalachicola River and Bay.

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Thank you for your continued support!
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Save the Date
2018 River Conference

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Join conservation partners and Keynote Speaker, Bob Graham for a national conference focusing on the Apalachicola Riverkeeper.  March 14-16 in Tallahassee, Florida. This conference will bring renewed attention to the ecological, cultural and economic importance of the Apalachicola River, Floodplain and Bay and strengthen efforts to ensure the sustainability of this resource for current and future generations.