South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - January 2018
Thawing out. Heating up!

As we all begin to feel our phalanges again and start to think about Spring there are a lot of things to be proud of and accomplishments to celebrate. But, we all know that the plate is never empty and new projects and goals are set forth to continue the work we do in helping all learners succeed! 

The SEEC staff have also been working hard to meet you where you are and support you in whatever way we're able. There are new collaborative grants starting for Standards Professional Learning and Principal and Teacher Evaluation System Support. We have a new out-of-school-time program up and running in Valley City. A ND Afterschool Summit is set for Feb. 21 in Bismarck and a Healthy Schools Summit on March 21 in Fargo... plus we're already planning for the NDMTSS Conference June 11-13!  

Let's support one another, motivate those around you and remember we all have things on our plate and alone it can be tough, but when you have a team... anything is possible!
In this issue:

REAs collaborate to provide statewide professional learning opportunities
Standards Professional Learning & Principal/Teacher Evaluation
The SEEC recently wrote collaboratively with three other REAs (Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative, Missouri River Education Cooperative, and Northeast Education Services Cooperative) for two grants from the Department of Public Instruction: Principal Teacher Evaluation System Support Grant and Standards Professional Learning Grant awards were given out in late November and the four REAs will begin to roll out the professional learning and support statewide soon. The other four REAs received similar grants. 

Information will continually be shared as 
professional learning opportunities are available. 
Please watch your email and/or visit the NDREA website and statewide calendar

These are open to EVERYONE across the state.

Standards Professional Learning Grant project aims to operationalize the new, North Dakota State Standards in ELA and Math by engaging practitioners in collaborative study of standards viability, learning targets and proficiency scales for the purpose of improving core instruction and assessment.

Project Outcome Goals:
  • Build awareness, understanding and implementation of the 2017 North Dakota Content Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literacy (ELA) among teachers
  • Increase the use of best, instructional practices in the classroom through professional learning opportunities for teachers and implementation of prioritized standards and proficiency scales
  • Create a foundation for improved assessment practices in North Dakota schools
  • Promote collaboration and sharing of expertise across North Dakota school districts
Principal/Teacher Evaluation System Support Grant: Supporting Data-Driven Professional Growth for ND Educators This project will include a multi-faceted approach to provide professional learning and support for three target audiences - superintendents, principals, and teachers - to move beyond installation of the principal and teacher evaluation models in ND schools to implementation of a data-driven professional learning plan that promotes growth of all educators.

Project Outcome Goals:
  • Build awareness, understanding and capacity to implement a data-driven professional learning process that promotes growth of all educators
  • Increase the use of evidence-based instructional practices in ND classrooms through professional learning opportunities for superintendents, principals and teachers
  • Create a foundation for improved student engagement, classroom management and assessment practices in North Dakota schools
  • Promote collaboration and sharing of expertise across North Dakota school districts and Regional Education Associations (REAs)MemberFeature
Empowering Success: Every Student, Every Opportunity, Every Day 
Hankinson Public Schools - Superintendent Chad Benson

Chad Benson, the superintendent at Hankinson Public School, has taught in many ways and at different levels, but knew it was for him from early on... when he was a high school lifeguard teaching swimming lessons to be exact!

With 251 students enrolled K-12 Benson has a strong support system built into the district and says, "We have a caring and dedicated staff who work together to give our students the best possible education."

With a mission that states, "Empowering Success: Every Student, Every Opportunity, Every Day," you can tell that a culture has been created and every employee, student, parents, community members have input on the success of education in their district.  MOST

Valley City opens new Out-of-School-Time Program

We're excited to announce that Valley City has opened a new SEEC meaningful-out-of-school-time program at Washington Elementary! Located in the school's library, the program is equipped with enough staff to engage with 29 students (currently 10 4th graders, 9 5th graders, and 10 6th graders) in STEAM-related activities and projects!

Jessica Sanden, a library media specialist and head of the STEAM Afterschool Program, shared her passion for the importance of STEAM and how that she wanted to create a program that allows students to push themselves and their peers.
"Parents have been very excited for Washington school to have a program like this. There are so many programs out there that help students who struggle, but not as many in our school that push students to go above and beyond the norm."
N.D. Choice Ready Update

An updated N.D. Choice Ready Chart was published Jan. 10, 2018 and is available here for your viewing or on the ND DPI website

It is a tool to assist educators to ensure all students successfully depart high school possessing the essential skills necessary to be ready for life.  The journey begins by ensuring students leave having the essential skills to be successful for whichever path they choose followed by students striving to be post-secondary, workforce, or military ready.
Digital Skills for 21st Century Teachers
Curating, organizing and sharing digital resources

When school is in session, we all often feel pressed for time, and the likelihood of having extended periods of time to focus on our own development is slim. Despite this, each year teachers are expected to continuously learn about new strategies, resources, and ways to enhance instruction and ultimately help students learn.

We've moved into the digital age that offers online options and opportunities for conferences and webinars, conducting research through simple Google searches, and receiving up-to-date content via subscriptions and memberships to online associations, journals, and networks. Educators are in a much better position than in the past to engage in continuous professional learning without having to leave their students or classroom.

But where does all this information go and how can I easily access and share information and resources I've found?DataChampions

Data Champions
What questions do you need answered?

Our goal is to assist educators in improving your skills related to using data in education.  After reviewing the progress that your students, classroom, or school has made thus far throughout the year, here is an opportunity to ask any questions that you or your team may have related to using this data.
  • Do you or your team have any questions or situations that you think can be answered or resolved by using data?
  • Do you not know where to find data you need to help make a decision?
  • Do you have data that you or your team is unsure what to do with or how to analyze it?
 If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, please click here complete this quick Data Champions Mid-Year Review Survey.Summits

Upcoming Summits

ND Afterschool Summit
Feb. 21 - Bismarck
Healthy Schools Summit
March 21 - Fargo
Educators in Industry
K-12 Externship Program: June 4-29


The Educators in Industry: K-12 Externship Program is

 a summer work experience in an environment that engages the educator in engineering or design-based activities in order to gain a practical understanding of how industry uses current tools, processes, and resources to solve technological challenges.

Application Due Feb. 1BeginningTeachers

Beginning Teacher Network
Final Session complete!

Session 3 was held in mid-December and worked with 24 elementary and 20 secondary teachers from 7 districts and 22 school buildings!

Highlighted topics included:
  • Identifying learners' needs: analyzing the information provided by student work, pre-assessments and formative assessments
  • Developing lessons: incorporating instructional strategies that differentiate the learning for all students
  • Managing the classroom: creating an atmosphere that promotes learning for allPrairiePublic
Prairie Public Workshop Series

A series of FREE, short workshops (available in Fargo or via webinars) are open for registration through Prairie Public. These workshops can be used as perfect additions to any cafeteria PD plan and with a variety of resources, tech tips and best practices presented by area teachers, there is something for everyone!

Plus, Teacher Ambassador Darcy Bakkegard is available to you FOR FREE for multiple professional learning opportunities. Click to hear from Darcy what she can help you with AND download her menu of available services hereCalendar

SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Jan. 20
- Followed by online book study through Feb. 28.
Jan. 23-24 NDMTSS: Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations - Fargo
Feb. 7 Improving Academic Literacy Cohort A - Ellendale
Feb. 8 Improving Academic Literacy Cohort B - Fargo
Feb. 9 Strategies for Successful Implementation of Presidential Youth Fitness Program - Minot
Feb. 15
Feb. 16
Feb. 21 3rd Annual N.D. Afterschool Summit - Bismarck
March 7, April 3 & May 1 NDMTSS: Developing Pathways for Behavior Year 1 (3 Days) - Fargo
March 14 ND Afterschool Network Webinar Series: Making your summer program spectacular - Online
March 15 N.D. Cyber Security Conference - Fargo
- Early-bird pricing through Jan. 15
March 20 SEEC Principals Meeting - Valley City
March 21 Healthy Schools Summit - Fargo
March 22 SEEC Administrators Meeting - Valley City
Save the Date
May 29 - June 1 ND Roughrider Health Conference - Medora
June 11-13 NDMTSS Conference - Fargo
June 11-14 Lignite Education Seminar - Bismarck

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