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Our newly freshened logo
and a few colorful OICMf icons would like to take a bow

The Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival is looking forward to a brilliant future and the opportunity to celebrate our 24th season with you in 2021.

To accompany this bright outlook, we have freshened our logo and added colorful new “iconic badges” which will begin to appear in communications this year. The logo illustration and text offer the promise of a destination event, a world-class music festival on an island surrounded by salt water and snow-capped mountains – Classical Music with a View.

The original logo, the freshened one, and the badges were created by graphic designer Kevin Kelliher of Bellingham, Washington, to interpret our tagline “Classical Music with a View,” written by Ed Wilson of Orcas Island.

Note that the OICMF badges use a playful, italicized “f,” which is a music symbol for “forte” or “to be played loudly” and also resembles the f-holes in the bodies of violins, violas, and other stringed instruments.

We hope you will enjoy this fresh new imagery as we reach out to share our Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival with you this year.
The Bowmakers
A Film

We are thrilled to be hosting the Island premiere of the fascinating and entertaining film The Bowmakers, available for viewing from January 15th through the 24th. The film is a feature-length documentary that explores the world of the bow and the extraordinary masters who make them. As the filmmakers describe it:

“The film follows the journey of the ‘silent servant’ of the music world—from the workshops of the virtuosos of the trade, to the birthplace of the bow in France, and to Brazil, home to the imperiled tree from which the world’s finest bows are made. 

“THE BOWMAKERS is an artful exploration of one of the most esoteric corners of the music world—as unknown to the public as it is essential to professional musicians.”

Many of these modern-day masters are our neighbors in Port Townsend, Washington! The Miró Quartet plays a significant role as well, as you will see from watching the trailer.

On the final night of the run, January 24, at 5:00 PT, we will be hosting a Zoom webinar with filmmaker Ward Serrill, bowmaker Ole Kanestrom, and violinist (our very own) William Fedkenheuer, hosted by Aloysia Friedmann. Having Will and Aloysia talking bows, especially with this master craftsman, will make for a fascinating event! RSVP to sarah@oicmf.org to receive the link to join.

The Bowmakers is presented by OICMF in cooperation with the Orcas Island Film Festival. We thank our sponsors: Carol Marcin and Tom Burg and OrcaSong Farm. Tickets are just $15 and are available here.
Gregory D’Agostino – Organist and Photographer
It is always a treat to be able to spotlight the many talents of our Festival artists! In the summer of 2000 and again in December 2016, we were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the enthralling organ virtuosity of Gregory D’Agostino. But he has another amazing artistic side, and you can learn about it on Thursday, January 7, at 2:00 PT.
Greg is a brilliant photographer! He has travelled extensively, camera in hand, and as you can see by these photos, he is a master of this instrument as well. Now you shall have a chance to learn more, as Greg presents Going North of the Arctic Circle: Preparation, Shooting Locations & More, an online event offered by the B & H Photo Superstore in his home town of New York City.
Join Greg as he shares awe-inspiring photos from his travels north of the Arctic Circle to Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. He’ll explain how one goes about shooting in such locales – what do you wear while standing for hours in the cold to get The Shot? What kind of equipment should you bring? (hint – one necessity is a remote control so you can run the camera without taking your hands out of your pockets). There will be an opportunity to ask Greg your questions, as well.
You can watch the livestream and read more about it here (preregistration recommended). It is guaranteed to be a feast for your eyes and your mind. 
Lofoten Sunset
Save the Date - Hearts of Gold
February 16, 2021

All the leaves, gold and otherwise, may have blown away, and we did not have our annual Leaves of Gold concert. But don't worry - this year it is a Valentine's Day celebration! Hearts of Gold will be coming February 16, 2021, streamed live from the Music Room at Rosario Resort. We'll share all the details in next month's Scherzo, but wanted you to be first to know. It will feature Jackie and Aloysia, along with special guests oboist Nathan Hughes, and cellist Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir. It will be beautiful, sweet, a perfect way to stretch the day of love and share some wonderful music. Mark your calendars!
We look forward to sharing more OICMF news and events with you - keep your eyes peeled for next month's Scherzo!
All the best,
Anita Orne
Executive Director
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Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival
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