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~Behind the Scenes of Seaboard USY~

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What happens behind the scenes at chapters down south?
A Look Inside A North Carolina Board Meeting
By Stephanie Weiner and Skyler Portnoy

What is it like to tri-chair encampment?
A Chair-y Good Experience
By Brad Cohen

Have you ever wondered what USY advisors do to make all of the magic happen?
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Chapter Advisor
By Andy Weissfeld

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Israel Update: Egalitarianism in Israel
Seaboard Slang
Parents' Corner
Upcoming Regional Events

Winter Kadima Kallah and 
8th Grade Shabbaton
February 17-19, 2017
Capital Camps in Waynesboro, PA

Seaboard USY Winter Kinnus
March 3-5, 2017
Congregation Olam Tikvah in Fairfax, VA

Winter Kadima Kallah 2013
Israel Update
By Matan Admi, Israel Affairs VP
Egalitarian prayer at the Kotel has been a hot issue in Israeli politics for many years. Traditionally, men and women are divided by a mechitza,   or divider, when praying at the wall. The women's area is smaller than the men's area, and women are not permitted to wear tefillin or carry Torahs. In addit ion, most  political ceremonies are carried out in the men's area, rendering  wo men unab le to get a clear view of what i s happening. W omen of the Wall, an  orga nization protesting the non-egalitarian setup, is actively trying to pass la ws in the Knesset to integrate women into the Western Wall's traditions. In 20 04, an egalitarian area known as Robinson's Arch was set up at the far s outh end of the wall and is run by the Israeli conservative movement, known as Masorti. At Robinson's Arch, men and women can pray together without anything standing in their way.
The Parent's Corner
By Aviva Solkowitz, T'fillot Chair
USY has given me so many exciting opportunities to be a leader in my community. USY is always encouraging kids to become leaders, and o nce we take that first step by running for chapter board  or regional general board, the opportunities that await us are endless. My daily life is often fille d with tiny obstacles that USY has given me the ability to overcome, whether it 's using traditional leadership skills, finding creative solutions to projects, or helping ot hers overcome their own obstacles. USY has given me the life skills I need to help myself and others around me.

Looking for a chance to take on a new leadership position?!
We are proud that USYers design, write, and lead creative Shacharitot at Spring Convention! Now is your chance to take on that role!!! There is an that can be found here and is due Sunday, February 12th. Please reach out to Creative Shacharit Project Coordinators, Gabi Shapo (gabrielle.shapo@gmail.com) and Katie Hamelburg (katehamelburg@gmail.com) or Sasha Bloch  (bloch@uscj.org) with any questions. 

A Look Inside A North Carolina Board Mee ting
By S tepha nie Weiner & Skyler Portnoy, Beth Meyer  Co-Chap ter Pr esidents
Beth Meyer USY may be fun-sized, but it has enough ruach to spread throughout the entire region! Our chapter prioritizes working as a cohesive board to ensure that everyone is included and actively participates in each meeting and event.  We begin each meeting by asking our board members if they have anything they'd like to discuss. Once everyone's suggestions are accounted for, we go down the list and address each topic one by one. For certain events, we create committees that meet separately, organize each event, and share their ambitions with the rest of the board. After
 forming committees, we reflect on past events by discussing what went well and what we can improve on in the future. Our board meetings tend to be ve ry concise because we often communicate through group messages. Also, the co mmittees do the major ity of event planning on their own time. To sum it up, our board will do whatever it takes to spread our enthusiasm throughout North Carolina and the rest of the region!
Seaboard Slang
Phrase- על הפנים (al hapanim), 
Literal Meaning- "on the face." 
Figurative Meaning- IRRITATING. 
Example: One could say that "the line at Starbucks was על הפנים."
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Chapter Advisor
By Andy Weissfeld, Ohr Kodesh USY Chapter Advisor
Working as a chapter advisor is a huge and deeply gratifying responsibility, a responsibility that I hope all USYers consider taking on one day. My responsibilities range from staffing events, shopping, and most importantly, working with the OKUSY chapter board.
I send a constant contact emails that have all the information about our events. I also work to update the synagogue's calendar with all USY events and make sure that we have rooms and supplies for all our events. Finally, I manage the RSVP lists and make sure that each USYer and their needs are accounted for. Even though this work is very important, I feel that the most crucial role of a USY advisor is working with the chapter board.
The Ohr Kodesh USY board plans 3-4 programs for our chapter every single month. Our planning process begins at a monthly board meeting where the board decides the theme or topic of each even for the next month. Next, our President Talia works with everyone to determine who is responsible for planning each of our upcoming programs. Aside from board meetings, each board member meets with me twice prior to their event. Once a few weeks in advance to lay the groundwork and once the week of their program to finalize everything.  On the day of our events, I support the USYers and help them make sure everything runs smoothly. Watching the USYers succeed at planning and running their programs is my favorite part about serving as an advisor!

USY Formal 2015                                           Winter Kadima Kallah 2014
Chair-y Good Experience
By  Brad Cohen, Encampment Tri-Chair
Whe I got t he phone call offering me the opportunity to be an Encampment tri-chair, I was ecstatic! Just when the Spring Convention excitement was starting to fa de, I got right back into the swing of things by meeting at the  re gio nal office to plan the next convention with my friends. Going into it, I didn't know my fellow tri-chairs too well. I only knew Josh in passing, and while I was acquaintant with Rachel, we weren't very close. While we did work together a lot, it wasn't until the week before and during encampment that I felt our re al bond form. I will admit that the planning process was tough, but our hard work paid off by 150% when I saw how much fun everyone was having! Chairing is one of those things where everything seems to fall into place just in the nick of time. I can't say enough good things about my tri-chairing experience. If you are thinking about chairing a convention, you 1000% should apply! It's an amazing way to be a leader of the region without being on the executive board. Tri-chairing was the best summer of my life spent at home and one of the greatest leadership opportunities I have experienced.  
We asked the Regional Executive Board:
What is something that happens behind the scenes during your time on REB that you did n ot expect? 
Here is what they said!