January | 2020
New Site Spotlight: CAMP LEJEUNE, NC
New year, new site, new customer! We’d like to give a warm welcome to the newest members of the Skookum family at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. Our team of 20 supports Marine Corps Operations and is led by Clayton Tonkin .

Clayton previously worked for Skookum in Washington state at Joint Base Lewis McChord where he was a Shop Foreman.

Camp Lejeune is a large 246-square-mile Marine Corps Base along the coast of North Carolina. It is home to 47,000 Marines and Sailors. Skookum plays a vital role in everyday base operations supporting Marine Missions. We provide dispatching of vehicles, license 150 Marines, Fire Department, and other civilians on LeJeune a month for forklifts, buses and other CDL required vehicles. We also provide vehicle maintenance on all non-tactical Marine Corps vehicles.

Our maintenance team ensures everything is up and ready for all of Marine Corps Installations East and the surrounding areas. We service and repair everything from firetrucks, dump master trash trucks, refrigeration trailers to forklifts and light vehicles such as vans, cars, and full-sized pick-up trucks.

The Operations Team, Motor Pool, has 160 vehicles of varies types, including sedans, vans, trucks, 44 passenger buses and tractor trailers. Our day-to-day operation is in support of the 2 nd Marine Expeditionary Force with operations such as Tank Movements. We have 153ft long tractor trailers to move the M1A2 Tank around Camp Lejeune areas.

The Motor Pool team also supports the Marine Corps by giving VIP Bus Tours to DoD VIPs, General Officers, US Senators and Generals from Marine Corps HQ.

Welcome to Skookum, Camp Lejeune! 
A New Team at Fort Lee
This year Skookum’s Fort Lee operation assembled a new team to help the Army improve the post barracks by cleaning mold from the living spaces, common areas and equipment rooms. The new mold cleaning mission was partly initiated in response to an Army initiative to improve barracks conditions and to take various measures to speed up the delivery of maintenance/repair services. In addition, the new mission also helped the Army mitigate various mold issues that resulted from harsh, humid conditions in the mid-Atlantic Region. Another goal of the in-house mold cleaning team was to perform the work more efficiently and at lower cost versus subcontracting the work.

In the fall of 2019, the Fort Lee Directorate of Public Works asked Skookum to consider setting up an in-house mold cleaning team as part of a pilot project that would speed up the mold cleaning work and reduce costs. Skookum quickly assembled a team, provided specialized training, and set up processes, procedures, and business systems required to support the team and make it easy for government administration. Within two months, the team perfected the mold cleaning process and eliminated a two-month backlog of mold cleaning work at significant savings to the government. 

Setting up the new mold cleaning mission was a team effort across the entire site, including the Shops (Roads and Grounds, and Maintenance and Repair), HR/VOC, Supply, Work Control, Safety, and IT/Business Systems. It was one of the quickest and most successful new mission roll-outs in Skookum Fort Lee’s history, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the supporting staff, team leaders, and workers who did an outstanding job learning the new processes and making an extra effort to satisfy Skookum’s customer. Special thanks to the Skookum Fort Lee mold team and to everyone that helped make this important new mission successful!
Terri Salter and Jeff Stewart, Janitors at PSNS, WA
Nominated By: Mark Huxford

"I would like to recognize and compliment Terri Salter and Jeff Stewart on the excellent work they do cleaning the office, floors and the bathrooms in our building. The bathrooms and floors are the cleanest I have ever seen in the 10 + years working in this building. They are polite when we are having our meetings and stay focused on their work."
Scott Mikelson
Janitor at Indian Island, WA
Nominated By: Jolene Washburn

"Scott has worked for Skookum since he began making jump ropes in Port Townsend. He is an excellent role model for his commitment and integrity towards his work performance and dependability for Skookum. He is well liked and greeted by the customers who have seen Scott working at Naval Magazine Indian Island for almost 25 years. I nominate Scott for this award since I truly believe he deserves it! I also believe Scott deserves to be recognized for his commitment to Skookum as well! Thank you Scotty!"
We love recognizing our employees! So much so that every week an employee wins the Skookum President’s Excellence Award! Each Excellence Award recipient is selected by our President/CEO and awarded a Skookum Excellence pin along with $100 check prize.
Excellence at JBLM
JBLM Fleet has been slowly picking up with the addition of an Army Reserve unit located on Lewis Main. That mission is being led by John Park (Shop Lead) who is doing a great job as he coordinates with the unit daily. He also manages to turn wrenches as well as overseeing two other Autoworkers, one Data Entry Operator, one Supply Warehouse person and one Auto Helper. John was awarded an employee appreciation award for his work ethics and outstanding performance.

Doug Miclette left the Sanitation Department and went back to Fleet as Shop Foreman. Currently Doug oversees a minimum of 12 Autoworkers, surging up to 18 at times. The big push for him now is getting the unit ready for NTC in California. Funding has been approved for three other missions supporting JBLM Army units as well. We moved into one shop recently with plans to move two Autoworkers into each of the remaining two shops.

Our Sanitation team got through the winter without missing any time due to weather. No snow is a nice thing if you must work in the elements. Since the winter months are our slow time, we’re able to take advantage of it and improve our facility as best we can. We improved our sink storage area which also gave us an area to repair any broken items as well as a place to store our grey water tanks. 

We want to recognize Charles Jackson who is a valued employee in this department, so much so that he received an employee appreciation award for his outstanding attitude as well as the ethics that he brings with him each and every day. Well deserved!
Don't forget, nominations are open for the Volunteer of the Year Award until March 3rd. Click HERE to vote now!
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