GLR Team Update
You matter to us. 
What you do matters to us.

This 2 night retreat is a time to be encouraged, taught, and challenged. This is also a time of refreshment for anyone in a pastor/director role (and spouse if applicable). There will be times of worship, reflection, laughter and ideas to stretch you as you lead ministry.
$250 fee covers 2 nights lodging and is per ROOM not per PERSON.
More details and Registration can be found HERE
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41 Hours Speaker Lineup for 2019
Ministry tools that might interest you Pastor/Leader
Is Your Church Ready For 2019? – 5 Strategic Questions
 Whether your planning is near complete, or you feel way behind, I have five questions that will help you get a sense of where you are and help you move forward... .continue
Ways to Connect to the Un-churched
The key to reaching out the unchurched is to connect your story with people for whom you have affinity with because of your story, i.e. your experiences before you began the Christian journey..... continue
How are You on the Inside?
In this video, Phil Strout, the National Director of Vineyard USA talks about Soul Care, which has has helped him nurture his soul, lead teams and pursue the call of God in his life.
Pray Until Something Happens
The Great Lakes Region desires that we would have a transforming presence in every zip code. Become a prayer partner and together let's Pray Until Something Happens. To join our team, download the PUSH App
Other Items to Consider
Our mission is to join God in His desire for every person within our Region to begin a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit. (Luke 19:10)
Our Core Values
Find job postings for churches from The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters
The GLR team is here to serve you as you join Jesus in His mission to reach the 22 million individuals outside of a relationship with Him. You may reach us at the contact information below:
For Refocusing/Revisioning : Richard Meeks —
For Leadership Development: Jack Lynn —
For Pastoral Care in Illinois : Dan Bickel —
For Pastoral Care in Michigan : Tom Schmidt —
For USF and Financial Questions : Shari Brown —
For DBMD Questions : your current representative from your district
For Church Planting Questions :
For Prayer Requests : email

Great Lakes Region Office Contact Information
• Phone Number: (616)-827-9450
• Email —
Other staff contact information:
Regional Superintendent - Chris Conrad -
Executive Assistant - Shareen Bradley -
Executive Assistant - Sherry Laurence -
Executive Assistant - Denise Schmidt -
Chief Financial Officer - Lynn Bruce -
HR/Talent Management- Sue Teitsma -
Finance Coordinator/Trainer - Annette DeGraaf -
Did you know that the Great Lakes Region offers voluntary dental and vision plans to every employee at each one of our churches? You do not need to be full time to qualify; anyone who is on paid-staff can join. Click HERE for more details
Great Lakes Region includes the states of Illinois and Michigan, with 160+ churches and a combined worship attendance of more than 34,000. We hope that Wisconsin will join us in 2019.