Check out the WTS HOT Chapter's fourth quarter recap and learn more about upcoming events!
Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt joined the Chapter to provide an update on the Travis County bond election. She discussed how the bond, if passed, could work to provide solutions to some of the safety challenges in the County's transportation network. She emphasized the importance of the role of public involvement in the decision-making process for earmarking potential projects for bond funding, and noted that an advisory committee provided needed direction and oversight for staff as they prioritized potential projects. She also explored the process required to raise awareness of the bond and emphasized the importance of voting.
Melanie Twehues, Director of Technical Programs for the Federal Highway Administration, and Darran Anderson, Director of Strategy and Innovation for the Texas Department of Transportation, provided an update on the Texas State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC). Melanie shared some information about the history and mission of the STIC with the Chapter. Darran provided some insight into how STIC projects are selected and gave some examples of successful STIC projects. 
The WTS UT Student Chapter recently received a Small Grant Award from the American Planning Association Transportation Planning Division. The grant will be used to produce an educational series about the importance of the Planner-Engineer relationship when working in transportation. The educational series will be a partnership between the WTS student chapter and the student organization in Community and Regional Planning, and will culminate in a workshop at the end of the Spring semester where teams of planners and engineers will work together to apply a multidisciplinary approach to solving a problem. Stay tuned for further details about ways to get involved as a speaker or a workshop team mentor in the new year!
On October 12th Laura Friello, one of the WTS HOT Chapter Scholarship Committee Chairs, presented a special information session covering tips and tricks for the Fall 2017 scholarships to the UT WTS Student Chapter. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the application process with HOT Chapter scholarship application reviewers and a past scholarship recipient.
Tonia Norman, Professional Development Chair, Jackie Sartor, Vice President, and Abby Tomlinson, Communications Chair, attended the WTS International Chapter Leadership Training in November to learn more about International's plans for the upcoming year as well as best practices from other chapters nationwide. Hosted by the Nevada chapter and held in Las Vegas, panels included discussions on the core values of WTS, how to launch a successful mentorship program, and how to strengthen partnerships with similar organizations. 

Stantec's professionals have supported the goals and purpose of WTS, as well as devoted time and energy to WTS and its mission for many years. We value the work that WTS does for women in the transportation field, and partnering with WTS is a significant way we help advance our industry, provide leadership opportunities for our staff, gain new perspective, and help advance women in transportation. We're extremely proud of our national and local involvement.

The key to our success lies in our people. Our internal programs like Women@Stantec provide a forum to share ideas and learnings, build connections and camaraderie, develop professional opportunities through education and business networking, engage with different constituencies across geographic locations, drive business value, and further support the WTS mission. We firmly believe that people, passion, and progress have helped make Stantec what it is today, and continue to help create the foundation for what our company will be tomorrow.

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