We pray your 2014 is starting off wonderfully! In this update, you will read about the past month's happenings in South Africa, you will learn about a 13 year old girl names, Mpho Gift,  who wants to be a nurse, and you can get caught up on our farming program while also learning about our farming manager, Johanney. 

In next month's e-news, look for information on our new child sponsorship program, Ratanang Child Sponsorship, learn about our newest Ambassadors, Matt & Jacinda, and find out more about Lethabo Sewing Center and new sewing projects you can be part of here 'on this side of the pond'.
Lastly, don't miss out on Doc's new blog post. Click the button above to read it and click here to see all of January's photos from staff and volunteers from our Facebook Page!
Wishing you a blessed February!
The Blessman Ministries Team
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January Update
Reporting what God has Done

Feeding Center

Gospel Crusade

Mission Teams

147,000+ meals! 
provided in schools, creche's (day cares) and partner ministries all across South Africa in just the month of January because of partners like you and BMI!
In the past month we have reached a new high at our Del Cramer Children's Feeding Center. Nearly 75 children are now being fed daily at our campus!
Over the month of January, total numbers for Lighthouse Christian Chuch:

Adult Service 

Attendance  // 289


Children's Church Attendance  // 530


Midweek Meetings // 7


Offerings // R2948

($268 US)


19 total people submitted their lives to Christ this month!

We held a community gospel crusade the last 3 days of our our first team's last weekend with us in South Africa.
It was the most attended crusade in our history, with an average of 70 people attending every night.
From this event 13 people gave their lives to Christ!

Our 1st Team of 2014
This 1st team of 2014 was made up of 22 Rotarian's!
They visited 5 creches (day cares), gave away 164 pairs of shoes, and provided 289 eye screenings to  children and needy adults!
Our 2nd Team of 2014 left yesterday!
Prayer Requests
  • All 2014 Ambassador's our on the field! Please prayer for continued health, protection, and strength for Doc & Beth, Dustin & Ren´┐Ż, Matt & Jacinda, and Mark & Jennifer. 
  • January is the beginning of the 2014 school year of South African children. Pray for their safety as they travel to school and often live away from their parents. 
  • For our 180-200 volunteer Team Participants for 2014! That the Lord prepare their hearts, resources, and speaks clearly to those still praying about serving with us this year. That lives on both sides of the flight are brought closer to God's love and purpose.
  • Continued favor in the village of Sekgakgapeng, Mokopane, and Tribal leadership. This is vital for our effectiveness with the community we call home.
  • Strategic planning in a new church plant, construction projects, and micro-enterprise growth
  • Pastoral leadership to be connected with God's heart as they disciple the congregations
  • For leadership to grow from within the Lighthouse Church and KC Live children's church.
If you wish to be part of our emergency prayer requests,
 please email Office@BlessmanMinistires.org and request to be added.
Child Highlight 
Read about one of the children we serve

Feeding Center: Del Cramer
Name:  Mpho Gift Putuka
Age: 13
Birthday: July, 25th 2000

Mpho is a beautiful 13 year old and is quite shy! She is one of 75 children that attend Del Cramer Children's Campus after school 5 day's a week. She attends Apostolic Church and enjoy's praying. She is thankful for Del Cramer Campus because the people their take care of her and give her food.

Mpho Gift lives with her aunt, grandmother, and 5 uncles in the village of Sekgakgapeng. She is a 13 year old girl that loves to read with her friends, play and dreams of being a nurse when she is an adult.

She attends school at Sokgedlwa Primary School and really enjoys English class. Although she does struggle in school work, she has very good behavior and try's hard to learn from her studies. 

We enjoy having her as part of our after school program and dream big for her future. Our tutors and after school help will certainly help her along in her homework. Many vulnerable children like her struggle with even spelling and writing their names - even while attending school! After a few weeks at Del Cramer, receiving one-on-one help - they smile big as they are able to legibly write their name!


You can help Mpho Gift by praying for her and her family.
You can also help her dream large for her future and reach those dreams by sponsoring our feeding program where for just $1 a day, 
children like her are fed, taught scripture, and given hope for their futures.

**The South African Government gives "orphan" status to any South African child who has only one parent.

Growing Hope Co-op 
The Farming Program at Del Cramer
By Johanney Chongani

Between our new greenhouses, farming God's Way techniques, and our farm manager Johanney, our agriculture program is growing with great speed! Not only are we able to feed the children fresh vegetables and chicken from our own coops and gardens, we are able sell at low rates to the community. Making profit to sustain our feeding program at Del Cramer. Below Johanney talks about the strategy and growth of Growing Hope - which he believes is first because of Blessman Ministries foundation of love and acceptance in the community.

"Our farming practices have attracted a number of people resulting in some arranging with us to train them in conservation agriculture and chicken farming. I have so far managed to train scores of people at Del-Cramer children's campus.





"There are many people that we can reach out to in the villages with all the technologies that we are using in our agriculture business. If we could establish some model gardens in different villages, which we would be managing, it would go a long way as not everyone will be able to come to our place to see what we are doing. 

A large greenhouse like this will feed hundreds! The cost to build one is $5,500.



"We would need more resources to enable us to kick start such initiatives. In most villages the main challenge is water for watering vegetables. By situating boreholes in some of these places such as open land where villagers could have vegetable gardens, it would be quite helpful. In some cases people would need some fencing. Supporters in America, who have a heart to to reach out to more people through our farming endeavors, could choose to help us in one of these regards."

A small greenhouse like this costs $1,500 and will feed 4 families.
A borehole well like this one, provided by Hy-Vee Grocery Stores, with a solar panel pump, is exactly what is needed for locals to start their own greenhouses and gardens. A well like this costs $15,000 from start to finish, including the cost for continued maintenance.

Thank you to partners Growing Hope FoundationHy-Vee  Grocery Stores, and Rotary Chapters across the midwest for supporting our farming and well drilling endeavors to work towards sustainable solutions to fight hunger!
Meet the Staff
Employee: Johanney Chongani  
Role: Farm Manager
Location: South Africa Campus 
Length of Service: 2 1/2 years

Johanney, pictured far right, with Mark & Jonathan.

I have been with Blessman Ministries for almost two and a half years now. I came to know about the ministry through my young brother Maxwell who has been with the ministry for a couple of years now. After learning from him that Blessman Ministries intended to in-cooperate farming into their activities, that motivated me to e-mail Doctor Blessman giving him my background. We continued communicating through e-mails until he invited me to meet with him.


I am excited to be working with Blessman ministries because of all the work they are doing in South Africa, to touch many lives especially thousands of children. The ministry does not only meet the physical needs, but the spiritual needs as well.


I have had some years of training in agriculture, though I still feel there are still many things that I have to learn. I obtained a three year national certificate in agriculture in 1997, post agriculture diploma in education in 2001 and BSC honors degree in agriculture in 2007. I also did subsidiary courses in pigerry, potato production and health and safety at work. Late last year, I did a two-week baking course. Prior to coming to South Africa, I was enrolled at a university where I was doing masters degree in curriculum studies.


I am still single and looking forward to meeting the right partner now that I am 40 years old as I have not chosen a life of celibacy.  My father passed on in 2008 and my mother is still alive. She takes care of some of my nieces and nephews while I take care of her together with some members of the extended family.


By working with the ministry it has helped me to come to learn that God is no respecter of people no matter what their ethnic, racial, religious and socio-economic cultures are, the love of God makes us one. 


When you are carrying a good message people must accept you first before they hear your message otherwise they will reject you before they hear your message.


In this regard the Blessman's have laid a good foundation in identifying with all the communities they work with especially the black communities. Hence, the great impact the ministry is having including the agriculture project, where my role is strongest.



We are blessed to have Johanney as part of our Blessman Ministries family. He loves interacting with team members on Facebook. Friend him to keep up to speed with our agriculture programs!


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