January, 2017
What's happening at the Center for Developing Minds...

Urgent Action Needed Regarding IDEA:

Tell your elected officials that you support the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  
The Education Secretary confirmation hearings of Betsy DeVos highlighted the need for more education about the importance of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  IDEA has been amended several times since Congress first passed it in 1975, but the essential purpose of IDEA hasn't changed. Its primary goals are: To protect the rights of children with disabilities and to give parents a voice in their child's education. Schools must evaluate students suspected of having disabilities.

IDEA covers students with disabilities including Autism, Emotional disturbance, Hearing impairment , Visual impairment, Intellectual disability , Specific learning disability, and Traumatic brain injury. In 2013-14, the number of children and youth ages 3-21 receiving special education services was 6.5 million, or about 13 percent of all public school students.

Implementation of IDEA put an end to the segregation of children with disabilities.  With this legislation children with disabilities are entitled to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE), just like all other children. Schools are required to provide special education in the least restrictive environment. That means schools must teach students with disabilities in general education classroom whenever possible. In addition, procedural safeguards are put into place to give parents a say in the educational decisions the school makes about your child.  
Children with disabilities are among quietest of the silent minorities, but we as parents and providers have a voice in our government.  You can speak for children by contacting your elected officials to let them you know that you believe it is critical to support the principles of IDEA.  The following link can be used to find the contacts for your president, senators and representatives.
New Clinical Staff -- Welcome, Dana!  

We are very pleased to announce that Dana Erhard-Weiss, Ph.D., has joined the clinical team as a therapist at the Center for Developing Minds, providing counseling for young children, infants up to age nine, and their families. She uses a psychodynamic approach when working with each family, and specializes in parent-child therapy that is designed to support each child's optimal development. Her therapy helps to foster well-being and promote a positive parent-child relationship, while decreasing problematic symptoms and strengthening the coping skills for dealing with issues such as anxiety, behavior problems (e.g. sleep disorders, excessive crying, aggression , toileting troubles), parenting difficulties and struggles with family issues related to divorce, single-parenting and adoption.

In addition to her work at the CDM, Dana is currently a visiting researcher at the Stanford University Psychology Department. She is responsible for the development, research and facilitation of a new parenting workshop on emotional regulation, designed for parents of children with autism, in collaboration with Autism Unit of the Stanford Psychiatry Department.

Please contact the clinic if you'd like to schedule a time to meet Dana to discuss how she might be able to assist your family. 

Child Development Chats are Back!
The latest Child Development Chat calendar has been published and the first chat of the year will be next month on Thursday, February 16, from 7:00-8:00pm. The session,  "Should I have my child tested? Public versus private psychoeducational assessments," features educational psychologist, Jana Parker. All CDM chats are free-of-charge and adults only, please.   

Please click this link for the complete 2017 Child Development Chat calendar:

2017 Child Development Chats 

Check it out: New Patient Orientation Days  
The Center for Developing Minds now hosts informal "CDM Orientation" days once a month at the clinic.  The short sessions are designed to give prospective clients a chance to see the facility and meet with some of our staff. Each orientation will be hosted by one of our behavioral and developmental pediatricians, and will give your family the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our multi-disciplinary team of expert clinicians and the services they provide. 

The next CDM orientation will be on Thursday, February 9, at 9:00am.
  If you know a family that has been considering working with the CDM, please feel free to pass along this information!

Join the CDM team! 
The Center for Developing Minds currently has positions available for:
* Educational Therapist
* Occupational Therapist
Full or part-time opportunities are available in a comfortable and flexible work environment. For more information about these opportunities, please see our website.