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The Last House on the Street with Diane Chamberlain

Thu Jan 13th 7:00pm - 8:00pm

"Chamberlain delivers the goods with this affecting and spellbinding account of a community's buried secrets." --Kirkus

A powerful novel of our time, both a searing indictment of racism and the power of humankind and a page-turning thriller. It is a very powerful book. Strong and fierce. -- Cathy Kelly, bestselling author of OTHER WOMEN


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is January 17...

...and The Little Bookshop has a great selection of books for your reading list. Stop by for titles for everyone that will get you talking!

January Books We're Excited About!


Available 1/11!


This is one of those books you want to crawl inside and inhabit. I loved hanging out with Simi, Ronke and Boo and I miss them already.--Clare Pooley, bestselling author of The Authenticity Project

May seamlessly weaves love, betrayal, self-reflection, and Nigerian food, clothing, and customs into this fast-paced debut.-- Library Journal (starred review)


Available 1/25!


With its countless revelations about the dusty realms of rare books, a likable librarian sleuth who has just the right balance of compassion and wit, and a library setting that is teeming with secrets, The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections is a rare treat for readers. I loved this book!--Matthew Sullivan, author of Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore


Available 1/4!


The Maid is a masterful, charming mystery that will touch your heart in ways you could never expect. The endearing, unforgettable Molly reminds us to challenge our assumptions about one another, and shows us how meaningful it is to feel truly seen in the world." --Ashley Audrain, New York Times bestselling author of The Push


Available 1/25!

Historical fiction

Combining a mansion turned museum, a missing diamond, a mystery, and the lives of two young women separated by half a century, Fiona Davis stirs up a beguiling story that unfolds like a clever game of Clue. Suspicions abound, and an iconic New York City landmark stands poised to reveal a page-turning tale of wealth, family dynamics, and long-held secrets.

--Lisa Wingate, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Before We Were Yours


Available 1/25!


"A gloriously tangled game of cat and mouse that kept the twists coming until the very last moment." --Ruth Ware, #1 New York Times bestselling author of One By One

"[A] suspenseful thriller...with constantly growing levels of menace, this tension-filled novel will keep you guessing through its final revelations." -- Kirkus (starred review)


Available 1/18!


"Joan is such an idiosyncratic character, and Wang's style so wry and piercing, that the novel is its own category: a character study about otherness set partly against the backdrop of early-pandemic anti-Asian sentiment that manages to be both profound and witty. A novel as one of a kind as its memorable main character." --Kirkus Reviews


Available 1/11!

Historical fiction

"This is more than a sprawling, big-hearted, blue-collar novel, it's a Dickensian saga on a grand American scale, filled with beauty and violence, tragedy and redemption. This is the kind of historical fiction that keeps you up all night, burning in your veins like kerosene."-- Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet


Available 1/11!


"A sharp, witty romance full of heart. Rachel's writing zips off the page. As with The Ex Talk, she has created truly original, well-rounded characters you will love. A sexy storm of a book." --Sophie Cousens, New York Times bestselling author of This Time Next Year


Available 1/11!


BOX 88 is a wonderful spy novel; Charles Cumming's most ambitious--and his best--yet.--Mick Herron

Well-timed action scenes match focused glimpses into the world of spycraft. This outing cements Cumming's place in the top rank of espionage writers.-- "Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW"


Available now!


"Anyone who appreciates off-the-beaten-path adventures will be swept away." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review, on Across the Green Grass Fields

"Outstanding... Throughout Cora's harrowing adventures, McGuire's sense of whimsy never falters... The result will captivate both longtime Wayward Children fans and new readers." --Publishers Weekly starred review


Available now!


"This book is like nothing I've read before--a tightly plotted, deeply moving novel that also offers profound insights into the state of contemporary motherhood within a country that offers very little in the way of societal support for parents. I found myself moved to tears by its conclusion. The School for Good Mothers is haunting and unforgettable, and I'm in awe of Jessamine Chan's mind." -- Liz Moore, author of Long Bright River


Available 1/11!


"Just as every grief narrative is a reckoning with loss, every love story is a chronicle of finding, ' writes Pulitzer Prize winner Schulz ( Being Wrong) in this stunning memoir. As Schulz recounts, she contended with the pain and ecstasy of both narratives. . . . By the end of these exquisite existential wanderings, Schulz comes to a quiet truce with her finding that 'life, too, goes by contraries . . . by turns crushing and restorative . . . comic and uplifting.' Schulz's canny observations are a treasure." --Publishers Weekly (starred review)


Available 1/11!


"Germans rebounded from shattering defeat with hard work, a pragmatic embrace of the new, and a willful forgetting of trauma and guilt, according to this penetrating history of the early postwar period. . . . Elegantly written and translated, Jähner's analysis deploys emotionally resonant detail . . . to vividly recreate a vibrant, if morally haunted, historical watershed. This eye-opening study enthralls." -- Publishers Weekly


Available 1/25!

Social science

"[Perry] melds memoir, travel narrative, and history in an intimate, penetrating journey through the South.... A graceful, finely crafted examination of America's racial, cultural, and political identity. Perry always delivers."-- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


Available 1/11!


"These fun, meant-to-be shared (and worshiped) works of genius really make me mad!....Mad I didn't think of them first!" --Rachael Ray

"This innovative take will inspire home cooks to turn a classic snack into a reliable dinner."-- Publishers Weekly


Available 1/11!


For anyone who loves good food but has little time to spend cooking, an electric slow cooker can fit perfectly into a busy lifestyle. They can be used day or night, and you don't have to stay at home to keep an eye on your cooking while you produce hearty, healthy food for all the family to enjoy. The recipes in this book mainly use sustaining grains, beans, and legumes, along with vegetable ingredients and lean high protein foods, including fish, poultry, and meat. The addition of fresh herbs and spices with known health-giving qualities, such as turmeric and ginger, adds flavor as well as packing an extra nutritional punch. (publisher)

New in Young Adult


Available 1/11!


The perfect winter read might just be this inventive and atmospheric debut. --Buzzfeed

Fast and furious...The worldbuilding is intricate, and the icy setting is so detailed that readers will feel the need to bundle up as they speed through to the exciting and satisfying conclusion. -- Kirkus Reviews


Available now!


The Ivory Key is the epic YA fantasy sibling story I've been waiting for. A rich world, a satisfying slow burn romance and a main character determined to forge her own path make this series a must read." --Adrienne Young, New York Times bestselling author of the Fable Duology 


Available now!


Chock-full of musical theater references and humor, the novel includes high-stakes emotional drama that is balanced by supportive friendships and strong, deep family connections...An entertaining personal journey with plot twists galore. - Kirkus Reviews

A fully joyful story...Readers who love the theater--musical or not--and anyone craving a happily ever after will want Millie to take a series of curtain calls. -Booklist


Available 1/11!

Fiction/social themes

Author Reynolds and artist Griffin, friends and previous collaborators (My Name Is Jason. Mine Too.), explore recent events in America through a poetic multimedia partnership told in three "breaths." [...] As Reynolds's lines depict Black people facing police brutality, Covid-19, and general concerns regarding safety, Griffin's captivating collages literally and metaphorically capture a constant state of worry and panic, leading to visual moments that encourage the reader to find solace and inspiration in the everyday.--Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW "11/15/2021"

New In Middle Grade/Kids


Available now!

Ages 6-8

Caldecott medalist Matthew Cordell debuts his first early reader series about two best friends who are as different from each other as can be. (publisher marketing)

Cautious Cornbread and carefree Poppy are best friends, so when Poppy fails to prepare for winter, Cornbread ventures up Holler Mountain with her to help her find food.


Available 1/11!

Historical fiction/Ages 8-12

Shepherd's tautly paced historical novel portrays the friendship between a stray dog and an empathic 12-year-old, both in the orbit of the Starflyer mission to launch animals into space. . . . [S]ympathetic characters deliver a tense and compelling adventure that stays true to historical events. --Publishers Weekly


Available 1/11!

Historical fiction/Ages 10-13

"Spare, survival-oriented prose keeps the reader immersed in scenes difficult and wondrous, offering a glimpse of the sheer awesomeness of nature, showcasing the beauty of the sea and its inhabitants, and regaling readers with a timeless and irresistible adventure that has resilience at its heart." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review


Available 1/18!

Fiction/Ages 6-8

"Another engaging outing for the likable protagonist of Chang's simple but thoughtful early graphic reader series."--Kirkus "December 15, 2021"

New In Kids


Available now!

Nonfiction/Ages 0-3

The latest in the hit Hello, World! board book series teaches toddlers all about gardens--with easy-to-understand facts about how plants grow and how gardening puts food on our tables.


Available now!

Fiction/Ages 4-8

 "Two Black siblings use their imaginations to escape their immediate surroundings throughout the seasons in this picture book by previous collaborators Woodson and López ( The Day You Begin)...-- Publishers Weekly, starred review


Available now!

Fiction/Ages 2-5

Have you ever wanted to celebrate an unbirthday? Or just an ordinary day? A charming story of friendship--and appreciating the small stuff. (publisher marketing)


Available now!

Fiction/Ages 3-5

"This poetic story appeals to a wide range of readers. . . Together, the narrative and illustrations are well balanced. . . Young children and their families will enjoy the blend of silliness and beauty in this memorable depiction of one boy's quest to learn more about love."- School Library Journal, starred review


Available 1/25!

Fiction/Ages 2-5

The easy repetition invites listeners to join in. . . . A rollicking read with a gentle bedtime closing.

--Kirkus Reviews


Available 1/25!

Nonfiction/Ages 4-8

Generosity proves contagious in this personal portrait of community service by Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. -- Publishers Weekly

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