Resolve to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever
Get ahead of what is expected to be a very busy 2021.  
Focus your "New Years Resolutions" on changes that will reduce your stress while maximizing your success.
Insist on Efficiency. Review your procedures to reduce wasted time. Correct for bottlenecks, bad habits and team members who don't "self start".  Eliminate unnecessary meetings and busywork.
Stop Trying to Do Everything Yourself. Learn to delegate wisely. Don't "dump" in a frantic moment because you don't have the time to tackle a task. Train employees how to succeed when you're not there. Ask "how would you do this?" instead of saying "here's what I want you to do". 
Tackle Procrastination.  Everyone puts things off sometimes, but procrastinators chronically deliberately look for distractions. Take stock of your motivation and how you might lose focus.  
Work on What's Really Important. If "fires" keep dictating your priorities, take a step back and rethink. Just because something is urgent, doesn't mean it's important.
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Price Changes Ahead! Be Prepared for Increased Costs in 2021
Many manufacturers are announcing cost increases for the 2021 season. Please adjust your pricing to maintain your margins. We've posted a complete guide on our website.
See What Makes Rain Bird the World's #1 Selling Spray Head
See Why More Contractors Trust Rain Bird Sprays

Featuring the 1800® Series-the world's #1 commercial spray head-plus innovations like R-VAN Rotary Nozzles and the ultra-durable RD1800™ Series, Rain Bird continues to provide unrivaled performance. Learn why top contractors count on Rain Bird spray bodies, spray nozzles and rotary nozzles for peak performance year after year.

With a combination of unmatched durability and constant innovation, Rain Bird gives irrigation professionals a full line of options for spray systems that set a new standard.
Renowned for its legendary reliability, the 1800 Series has been a global leader for decades, with versatile options that make it a perfect fit for every job. Learn more here

Tap Into Drain Lines Easily with New InsertaTee
Need to add a new line to a drainage system? Make the connection fast and easy. Inserta Tee® provides a three-piece lateral connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve, and stainless steel band.

Inserta Tee boasts the broadest line of lateral connections in the world and can connect to all solid wall, profile, closed profile, and corrugated pipe manufactured today with unparalleled performance.

Streamline Your Business to Get More Done WITHOUT More People!
Finding additional employees is a painful process. You can spend hundreds of hours to turn up a handful of applicants, none of whom are as productive and committed as your existing team. 
How can you minimize the labor crunch?
Get more work done with the same number of people. 
Invest in productivity enhancers will streamline your operation. Cut out unnecessary and redundant steps. New tools, products and processes will allow you to:
*    Focus team members' efforts on customer-pleasing billable tasks.
*    Reduce wasted trips, unnecessary steps and waiting time.
*    Eliminate or automate boring paperwork tasks
Here three time-wasters to get you started: 

  1. Pointless meetings. Always ask, "What is the point of this meeting?" If there isn't one, don't have the meeting. If you do hold a meeting, make it count; have an agenda and stick to it.
  2. Outdated / missing tools. Check out new tool and equipment tracking tools like Bosch Bluehound.
  3. Streamline your quotesNew apps allow you to automate the creation of proposals onsite and automatically follow-up.
Wilkins Backflow Preventers with Solderless Connections
The Zurn Wilkins Z-Bite and Z-Press offering provides quick and easy-to-use solderless connections for attaching backflow preventers, pressure reducing valves, or pressure vacuum breakers to your irrigation system. Using push or press fittings will greatly increase the speed of installation and repairs, reducing labor time and job costs. Since this is a solderless installation you will be able to install these fittings without needing to remove all of the water from the system. These fittings protect you from potential hazards caused by open flame soldering torches.
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5 Things to Change for a More Profitable 2021
1) Get more referrals from current clients. Make a plan to actively grow the number of referrals you have coming into your business. Develop letters to send to current clients and thank clients for referrals you receive.
2) Tune your web advertising. The fastest way to accelerate leads from your website is with a Google AdWords campaign. Of course, you pay for this service, so have a pro tune your account for the most productive keyword phrases.  
3) Improve your tired website.  Make your site reflects the quality, breadth and experience of your company and doesn't appear stale or out-of-date.  Make sure you're easy to contact for more information or to schedule an estimate.
4) Upgrade your presentation package. Polish the leave-behind kit you give potential clients with new photos, consumer-friendly information and a full review of your company's expertise and credentials.

5) Update your pricing.  Raise prices to compensate for rising costs. Offer more options and special upgrades. Offer discounts to customers who purchase bundles of services or who commit to long-term service agreements.