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Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
Digital Devices Impact Kids' Brain Development

Did your child receive a digital game or electronic device this holiday? High-tech toys are the hottest gift items for kids of all ages, superseding the once-popular classics like bicycles, skateboards, board games and "tinker toys" which have all but vanished from modern day wish lists. While bikes and boards have their obvious inherent risks, digital devices have more insidious dangers.

Just in time for the shopping season, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) last month released its clinical report on appropriate toys for young children, which issued warnings on heavy use of electronic devices. Obesity, interference with speech and language development, reduction of important playtime and socialization and potential exposure to environmental toxins were some of the health hazards AAP cited as being associated with digital devices.

At the same time, the National Institute of Health (NIH) issued preliminary data from its landmark Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study on smartphones, tablets and video games usage by 11,000 children in the US. Early results revealed that more than two hours each day resulted in lower scores on thinking and language tests.

Perhaps more alarming were the findings from a study of 4,500 nine and 10-year-olds who spent more than seven hours a day on electronic devices. MRI scans showed a premature thinning of the brain's cortex, the outermost layer of the brain that processes thought and action. While part of the maturation process, this thinning typically happens later in development. NIH researchers maintain that only time will tell if there are long-term effects from premature thinning due to excessive screen time.

Parents play an important role in shaping their children's physical, social and emotional well-being. While eliminating use of electronic devices may be unrealistic (unless your child is less than 24 months old, in which case zero screen time is advised), monitoring/limiting usage, and providing other outlets for entertainment to spark imagination and creativity will promote your child's healthy growth and development

Beware the Holiday Gadget  "Text Neck" & "Selfie Wrist" Syndromes

You've heard of "Text Neck," the neck and upper back pain caused by holding the head down and forward to view digital devices; now doctors are reporting another painful overuse syndrome dubbed "Selfie Wrist," a numbness and tingling in the fingers and wrist resulting from hyper-flexing the wrist inwards to take the perfect selfie shot. These repetitive stress injuries take a toll on the body and cause debilitating pain that potentially can last a lifetime.

Time spent on smartphones and other devices has grown exponentially, and is starting younger and younger. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, eight to 18-year-olds spend an average of seven and a half hours using some type of digital technology every day. In the case of text neck or "forward head posture," every inch forward the head stoops in front of the shoulders adds another 10 pounds of pressure that the neck and upper back needs to support. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, cervicogenic headaches and TMJ Syndrome, are some of the most common health complaints from tech overuse, as well as increased risk of osteoporotic fractures. In addition to musculoskeletal injury, poor posturing of the head and neck can also reduce respiratory function. Experts say that lung capacity is reduced by as much 30% when in a slouched position, which can have vascular implications if oxygenated blood cannot flow freely throughout the body.

Take away message: Be mindful of your posture...and your time spent on electronics! Adopt better positioning: raise your device to eye level to avoid neck straining; roll your shoulders back and keep your ears behind them to ensure your head is not tilted forward; avoid slouching when sitting --keep feet planted on the floor. Best bet is to use the device at a table or desk rather than a couch. Take frequent breaks to stand up, stretch and do a bit of walking to get the blood flowing. Most importantly, seek chiropractic care to help maintain proper alignment as well as to alleviate neck/back pain, headaches and other symptoms of poor posture related to electronic device usage. 
Neurofeedback Provides Hope for Fibromyalgia Patients 

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder affecting the quality of life of more than 5 million Americans and is characterized by trigger points of pain and tenderness throughout the body that tend to wax and wane. In addition to pain, people with fibromyalgia suffer other debilitating conditions like fatigue, sleep, memory issues and mental distress. While there is no cure for the disease, antidepressants and antiseizure medications are often used for relief of symptoms, however the side effects from these drugs are often in themselves problematic. 

A new clinical study using neurofeedback therapy to target the amygdala region of the brain -- the area responsible for regulation of pain, sleep and emotion -- has been found to be effective in reducing pain and restoring sleep in patients suffering from fibromyalgia, as well as reducing depression and anxiety.  Check out Dr. Keri Chiappino's video above on how brain-wave training can help relieve symptoms without the need for potentially harmful medications.  If fibromyalgia is impacting your quality of life, call our office to find out if you are a candidate for BrainCore neurofeedback brain-wave therapy.  631.265.1223. 

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